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    Laser Distance Sensor, 30-100mm

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    Low cost laser distance sensor online for sales, laser spot size 1mm*3mm, measuring range 30-100mm, protection class IP67, 650nm red laser, it can be used in reel production monitor, solar panel warpage measurement, control movement of robot arm, small pack missing detection.
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    • Exquisite appearance and light aluminum housing, easy to mount and dismount.
    • Convenient operation panel with visualized OLED display to complete all function settings fastly.
    • Small diameter light spot to accurately measure very tiny objects.
    • Key or remote teach-in to easily set response time for different applications.
    • Powerful function setting and flexible output way.
    • Complete shielded desgin, stronger anti-interference perfomance.
    • IP67 protection degree, able to work in water or dusty environment. 


    Linear Accuracy ±0.3% F.S ±0.4% F.S
    Supply Voltage 10-30V DC 12-24V DC
    Output Signal RS-485 (Support Modbus protocol) 4...20mA (Load resistance<390Ω)
    Connection 2m 5-pins/ 4-pins PVC Cable 4-pin: analog output
    Light Source Red laser (650nm)
    Laser Class  Class 2
    Spot Diameter 1mm*3mm@100mm
    Measuring Range 30-100mm
    Resolution 15um@80mm; 500@500mm
    Repeated Accuracy  30um@80mm; 250um@250um; 1000um@500mm
    Voltage Drop <2.5V
    Power Consumption ≤ 700mW
    Load Current 200mA
    Circuit Protection Short circuit, reverse polarity, overload protection
    Ambient Temperature -10-50℃
    Temperature Drift ±0.02%  F.S./℃
    Response Time 2ms/ 16ms/ 40ms (configurable)
    Ambient Humidity 35-85% RH (No condensation)
    Anti-ambient Light Incandescent light: <3,000lux
    Impluse Withstand 500m/s² (About 50G)3 times each in X, Y, Z directions
    Vibration Resistance 10-55Hz Double amplitude 1mm, 2h each in X, Y, Z directions
    Protection Degree  IP67
    Material Housing: Aluminum; Lens cover: PMMA; Display panel: PC
    Screw (M4×35mm)×2, Nut×2, Washer×2, Mounting bracket, Operation manual
    Dimension 65*51*23mm
    Certificates CE, UL, CCC, ROHS
    Warranty 12 months

    ①Test conditions: Standard data at 23 ± 5 ℃; Supply voltage 24V DC; 30 minutes' warmup before test; Sampling period 2ms; Average sampling times 100; Standard sensing object 90% white card.
    ②The statistical data follows the 3σ criteria
    ③Repeat accuracy: 23 ± 5 ℃ environment, 90% reflectivity white card,100 test data results.
    ④Slave address,baud rate setting only for RS-485 series.
    ⑤Protecion circuit only for switch output.

    Dimension (unit=mm)

    Dimension of laser distance sensor

    Accessory Dimension

    Accessory dimension of laser distance sensor

    Wiring diagram

    Wiring diagram of laser distance sensor

    The sensors are equipped with shielded cables, Q is the switch output.
    RS-485 output: The black and white lines A and B must not be reversed and A and B cannot be short-circuited with the power line "﹢, -".
    Analog output: The gray line Ia cannot be short-circuited with the power line "﹢, -". There is a small shielded wire, which shall not be in short-circuit connection with the analog output wire, but recommended to be grounded or not grounded.

    Installation of laser distance sensor

    Installation of laser distance sensor

    Tips: Working Principle of Laser Distance Sensor.

    When the laser distance sensor is working during the transmission time, the laser diode is first aimed at the target and emits laser pulses. The laser light is scattered in all directions after being reflected by the target. Part of the scattered light returns to the sensor receiver and is imaged on the avalanche photodiode after being received by the optical system. The avalanche photodiode is an optical sensor with an internal amplification function, so it can detect extremely weak light signals. Record and process the elapsed time from when the light pulse is sent to when it is received, and then the distance to the target can be determined. Transit time Laser sensors must measure the transit time extremely accurately because the speed of light is too fast.

    Existing reviews of Laser Distance Sensor, 30-100mm
    Laser sensor work
    Does beam type sensor work without reflector?
    From: marge | Date: 03/02/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The two switches of the through beam type laser sensor are respectively installed at both ends of the edge of the monitored object, and the two switches are opposite to each other. So the through beam type does not need a reflector.
    Perfect laser distance sensor
    The laser distance sensor is very good. I was a little bit worried at the beginning but it could be used outdoor during the day and has no problem. It has all of the functions that I need. No need to see many information, I can tell how to turn on and start measuring in the quickest way. This lase sensor is probably superior to the rest brands laser measures.
    From: Joey | Date: 26/07/2021
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