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    Mini Clamp Meter, AC Current 600A, True RMS Function

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    The mini clamp meter is a basic True-RMS clamp meter with AC current range 0-600A, AC/DC voltage range 0-600V, resistance range 0-2MΩ and maximum jaw opening size 28mm. Digital mini clamp meter also has special functions of diode test, on-off buzzer, data hold, automatic power off, overload protection, manual range selection and white backlight.
    SKU: ATO-CLAM-3268A
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    Digital clamp meter has AC current range 0-600A, TRMS function, maximum jaw opening size 28mm, 4 digit display and maximum value 1999.


    Basics Model ATO-UA3268A
    Weight 160g
    Size (L*W*H) 185*51*25mm
    Display 4 digit LCD display
    Maximum display value 1999
    Power supply DC 3V, 2 AAA batteries
    Maximum jaw opening size 28mm
    Woring environment Temperature: 5℃~35℃ (41℉~95℉), relative humidity:<75%
    Storage temperature -10℃~+50℃ (14℉~122℉)
    Accessories A pair of test probes, a user manual, 2 AAA batteries
    Functions Item Range Accuracy
    AC current 600A ±(2.5%+5 digits)
    DC voltage 600V ±(1.0%+5 digits)
    AC voltage 600V ±(1.5%+5 digits)
    Resistance 2MΩ ±(1.0%+4 digits)
    Special functions TRMS True RMS measurement for sine wave signal
    Diode test Display forward voltage value of diode
    On-off buzzer Continuity test buzzer
    Data hold Hold the reading when taking a measurement
    Automatic power off Automatic power off when 15 minutes no operation
    Overload protection Overload protection for 100% range
    Range selection Manual range selection
    Backlight Backlight for LCD display

    Tips: True RMS zero input characteristics of clamp meter
    To test sine wave signal measurement, the True RMS measurement method makes less error than traditional way of average response.
    The True RMS clamp meter measures the sine wave accurately, but it may display a reading between 1 and 50 when the measured signal is not being input (select the ac voltage function, the input short circuit) for the AC function. These deviation readings are normal. They do not affect the clamp meter's accuracy of measuring AC power within the specified measurement range.
    True RMS values require the input signal to reach a certain level for measurement. Therefore, the AC voltage and current ranges are specified between 2% and 100% of full range.

    Existing reviews of Mini Clamp Meter, AC Current 600A, True RMS Function
    Great mini clamp meter of high accuracy
    Great mini clamp meter. High accuracy! It's very handy when using it to measure a unknown resistor and unknown voltage power source. Size is not very big. Fits well in my pocket. Highly recommended!
    From: Matt | Date: 27/04/2022
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