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    Digital Rotational Viscometer, 100-13000000 mPa.s

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    Rotational viscometer is designed with 0.3 ~ 100 rpm stepless speed regulation (total 998 rotating speeds available), plus 6 spindles of R2#, R3#, R4#, R5#, R6#, R7#, offering wide measuring range from 100 mPa.s to 13,000,000 mPa.s with ±1% accuracy and ±0.5% repeatability, 5" touch screen, easy readout and operation, high accuracy and stability, great for laboratory and indusrial quality control.
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    Digital rotational viscometer offers 100 ~ 13,000,000 mPa.s viscometer measurement, with spindles of R2# ~ R7# and  0.3 ~ 100 rpm stepless speed. High sensitivity, good repeatablility and reliable results, the viscometer is a great choice for various fluids meausrement at the given range.


    • 5 inch colorful touch screen, simple and clear operation interface
    • Digital viscometer can display abundant information including viscosity, temperature, shear stress, shear rate, rotating speed, rotor, etc.
    • With multiple functions, such as timing measuring, automatic scanning, automatic measuring range display, etc., for more accurate and reliable measurement.
    • The horizontal display unit is at the front of the viscometer, convenient to adjust.
    • Stepless speed regulation, 0.3~100 rpm, a total of 998 speeds
    • Optional temperature probe with measuring range of -20℃~300℃ and accuracy of 0.1℃


    Model ATO-RVDV-1T
    Measuring Range 100 * ~ 13,000,000 mPa.s
    Rotating Speed (r/min) 0.3 ~ 100 stepless speed changes, total 998 rotating speeds available
    Rotor R2#, R3#, R4#, R5#, R6#, R7#
    Sample Consumption 500mL
    Measuring Accuracy (Newtonian liquid) ±1% (full range)
    Repeatability (Newtonian liquid) ±0.5%
    Display 5 inch colorful touch screen
    Shear Stress/ Shear Rate Display  Yes
    Timing Function Yes
    Viscosity Curve Display viscosity curve in real time
    Dynamic Viscosity Can be displayed after inputing the sample density
    Temperature Measuring Standard temperature probe interface (Tempearture probe is optional)
    Auto Scanning Automatically scan and recommend the optimal combination of the rotor and rotating speed according to the sample viscosity.
    Measuring Range Display Automatically display the maximum viscosity value measurable for the selected rotor and speed combination.
    Data Saving 30 sets
    Printing Standard printing interface (Data and curve can be printed; Printer is optional)
    Data Output Interface RS232
    Power Supply 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
    Weight 7kg
    Size 300*300*450mm
    Standard Packing List Viscometer main machine
    Rotor R2# ~ R7#
    Rotor protective frame
    Triangular base and column
    Aluminum alloy carrying case
    Power adapter
    Optional Accessories ** Temperature probe, Rotor R1#, Software, Mini thermal printer


    * When measuring the viscosity below this lower limit, you need to choose the R1# rotor.

    ** For optional accessories, please contact us if you need it.


    The digital rotational viscometer is widely used in paints, coatings, cosmetics, inks, pulp, food, oil, starch, solvent-based adhesives, latex, biochemical products and other medium and high viscosity industries.

    Rotational Viscometer Applications

    Tips: Types of Viscometers

    The viscometer is an instrument for measuring the viscosity of fluids. There are mainly three categories of viscometers, i.e., capillary viscometer, rotational viscometer and falling ball viscometer according to the operation mode.

    1. Capillary viscometer
    The capillary viscometer is usually a saybolt viscometer and is a common viscometer. Its working principle is as follows. The sample container (including the outflow capillary) is filled with samples to be tested, in a constant temperature bath, and the height of the liquid column is h. Open the cock, the sample starts to flow to the receiver, and time is calculated until the sample liquid level reaches the scale. The larger the sample viscosity, the longer the period. Therefore, this period of time directly reflects the viscosity of the sample.

    2. Rotational viscometer
    The common rotary viscometer is a cone-plate viscometer. It mainly consists of a flat plate and a cone plate. The motor drives the plate to rotate at a constant speed through the variable speed gear, keeps the tested sample between the two plates by capillary action, and drives the cone plate to rotate by the friction between the sample molecules. Under the action of the torsion spring in the torque detector, the cone plate will not rotate after rotating at a certain angle. At this point, the torque applied by the torsion spring is related to the internal molecular friction (i.e., viscosity) of the tested sample: the higher the sample viscosity, the greater the torque. The torque detector is equipped with a variable capacitor whose moving plate rotates with the cone plate, thus changing the capacitance value of itself. The torsional spring torque reflected by this capacitance change is the viscosity of the measured sample, which is shown by the meter.

    3. Vibrating viscometer
    The principle of this viscometer is that an object in a fluid will be hindered by the fluid when it vibrates, and the size of this action is related to the viscosity of the fluid. The commonly used vibrating viscometer has an ultrasonic viscometer with a shrapnel in the detector. When excited by the pulse current, the shrapnel produces mechanical vibration in the ultrasonic range. When the shrapnel is immersed in the sample, the amplitude of the shrapnel is related to the viscosity and density of the sample. Given the density, the viscosity value can be obtained from the amplitude data.

    Existing reviews of Digital Rotational Viscometer, 100-13000000 mPa.s
    Do you have a viscometer to measure asphalt ac30?
    Long time without contact with you, but in normal viscometer our competence have a very small price. Do you have a dynamic viscometer to measure asphalt ac30 and PG type?
    From: tavish | Date: 06/04/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Unfortunately, no. Our viscometer can not measure asphalt ac30 and PG type.
    It's my favorite viscometer
    After receiving the viscometer, you need to assemble it yourself, which is simple and convenient. There is also an aluminum case to prevent corrosion. After each use, the viscometer is well protected and the measurement results are accurate.
    From: Pierre | Date: 02/06/2022
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    Good 100-13000000 mPa. s digital rotational viscometer
    The 100-13000000 mPa. s digital rotational viscometer has been received and needs to be put into use quickly. It measures viscosity quickly and accurately as described on the product page. I am very happy to purchase this 100-13000000 mPa. s digital rotational viscometer.
    From: Richardson | Date: 09/11/2021
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