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    Solid state relay, 3 phase, SSR-40DA, 40A 3-32V DC to AC

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    Low price 40 amp solid state relay, 3 phase SSR-40DA, DC control, input voltage 3-32V DC, AC load voltage 24-480V AC, zero cross, panel mount, high quality SSR suitable for heavy industries.
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    Solid State Relay Features

    10A 3-phase DC to AC solid state relay (SSR) features high structural strength, good impact resistance, and strong shock resistance. The SSR offers a reliable switching the commercial and industrial loads, such as computer peripheral interface device, printing machine, molding machine, food machine, packaging machine, and so on.

    • Built in RC absorption
    • Photoelectric isolation
    • SCR output
    • LED indicator for operation status
    • Removable protective cover for safety
    • Panel mount
    • Zero-crossing switch type

    40 Amps 3 Phase SSR Specification

    Model ATO-SYTH4048ZD3
    Input Control voltage range 3-32V DC
    Max. input current 20mA
    Must operate voltage 4V DC
    Must release voltage 2.7V DC
    Output Load voltage range 24-480V AC
    Peak voltage 800V AC
    Load current 40A
    Maximum off-state leakage current 8mA
    Maximum off-state time 10mS
    Maximum on-state voltage drop 1.5V
    General Dimension L – W – H (mm) 105х74х33
    Weight 500g
    Dielectric strength (input to output) 4000V
    Dielectric strength (input, output to the base) 2500V
    Operating temperature -20℃~ 80℃
    Mount Panel
    Certification CE

    * When the load current is higher than 10A, a heat sink must be added to the SSR or the SSR should be mounted on a metal base plate with heat dissipation effect, and apply the thermal grease between them. 
    When the load current is higher than is 40A or more, fan forced cooling or water cooling is needed.
    * Heat sink is Not included.

    Solid State Relay Dimension

    3 phase SSR dimensions

    Three Phase SSR Wiring Diagram

    3-phase SSR wiring diagram 3-32VDC

    Tips: Thermal design and radiator selection of solid state relay

    There is certain internal power dissipation in solid state relays’ operation. The dissipation value is mainly determined by product of output voltage drop and load current, embodied in the form of heat radiation. The quality of heat dissipation directly affects maximum load current of solid state relays and maximum allowable temperature of the working environment and it is one of the important factors that affect the reliable operation of SSRs. Therefore, we should pay attention to thermal design and radiator selection so that SSRs may work reliably and failure of and damages caused by poor heat dissipation to solid state relays can be avoided.

    In general, solid state relays, whose output current is less than 5A, use natural convection air enough to achieve the purpose of cooling, but when installed, solid state relays need a good convection environment and the space between each solid state relay should not be less than the width of a SSR. It is essential for those solid state relays with a load current greater than 10 A to use suitable radiators, even forced air cooling (air speed at 6 m/s) or water-cooling if necessary. The good heat dissipation condition is very important for SSRs’ reliable work.

    Existing reviews of Solid state relay, 3 phase, SSR-40DA, 40A 3-32V DC to AC
    So far the SSR works great and no problems.
    I use this unit to switch a water pump on/off. The solid state relay indeed got hot while running without a heat sink. Then added a heat sink to make it running longer and safer. So far works great and no problems.
    From: Gabriel | Date: 03/01/2019
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