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    Solid state relay, 3 phase, SSR-80AA, 80A 70-280V AC to AC

    SSR-80AA 80A Solid State Relay, 3 phase, voltage input 70-280V AC output 24-480V AC, high quality, high reliability, long lifespan and suitable for frequent switching occasion.
    SKU: ATO-TH8048ZA2

    Solid State Relay, 3 phase, load current 80A, AC-AC, equipped with LED indicator, zero-crossing switch, built-in RC, optical isolation, no electric spark, no noise, no contact, high switching speed and wide applications.


    Basics Model ATO-TH8048ZA2
    Size 105(L)х74(W)х33(H)mm
    Weight 500g
    Mounting method Bolted
    Ambient temperature -20℃~75℃
    Humidity ≤95%(non-condensing)
    Technical parameters Control mode AC-AC
    Load voltage 24~480V AC
    Load current 80A
    Control voltage 70~280V AC
    Control current ≤12mA
    On-state voltage drop ≤1.5V AC
    Off-state leakage current ≤10mA
    Off-state time ≤10ms
    Dielectric strength 2500V AC (1min)
    Insulation resistance 500МΩ with 500V DC
    LED indication YES
    Cooling Heat sink or fan needed for cooling


    3 phase SSR dimensions

    Wiring diagram

    3 phase SSR wiring diagram 70-280VAC

    Tips: Solid state relay's working principle

    SSR can be divided into AC SSR and DC SSR according to application, which can act as the load switch in the AC or DC power supply respectively, and therefore, cannot be mixed. The AC SSR is taken as an example to illustrate the working principle solid state relay. As a whole, SSR has only two inputs (A and B) and two outputs (C and D), which is a four-terminal device.
    In its operation, as long as the A, B are given a certain control signal, you can control on-off state between C and D to achieve the switch function, in which the function of the coupling circuit is to provide an input/output channel for control signals input from A and B, but electrically disconnect input and output of SSRs to prevent the output from affecting the input. Components used in the coupling circuits are optical couplers, which has good action sensitivity, high response speed, high level of input/output insulation (withstand voltage). The load at the input is a light-emitting diode, which makes the SSR input very easy to match input signal level. In the usage, it can be directly connected with the computer output interface, that is, it is controlled by the logic level of "1" and "0".

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