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    DC Brushless Vibration Motor Controller, 36V

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    Variable speed controller for 36V DC vibration motor, rotate the button to adjust the speed, led display, under-over-voltage protection, alarm output, real-time display of motor speed.
    SKU: ATO-VMC-68S-10AD36
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    Low-priced 36V BLDC vibration motor controller, LED speed display, adjustable speed, small size, with inertia stop, under-over-voltage protection function.

    Variable Speed Display Controller Function

    • Start stop
    • Potentiometer speed control
    • Inertial stop
    • Under-over-voltage protection
    • Limiting
    • Overcurrent protection
    • Locked-rotor protection
    • Alarm signal output
    • Speed signal output
    • No Hall position detection


    Model ATO-VMC-68S-10AD36
    Reated Voltage 20-50VDC
    Motor Voltage 36V
    Rated Current 10A
    Limit Current 12A
    Support Maximum Speed Speed above 20000 rpm, the specific speed depends on the motor itself and the load
    Speed Mode 1. Control panel potentiometer: use this potentiometer to adjust the speed
    2. External potentiometer: connect the potentiometer to the terminal block behind the controller for speed regulation
    3. External 5V speed regulation voltage: Connect 5V speed regulation voltage from the terminal block on the back of the controller
    Speed Output PG signal: There is a 5V speed pulse output between this port and the ground. The output frequency is set to P (Hz), the number of motor stages is N, and the speed is F (RPM), then the output speed frequency: P=F*N/60
    Alarm Output ALM signal: There is an alarm pulse output between this port and the ground
    1. In normal operation, this port outputs 5V high level
    2. When it is turned on, but the speed control signal is very low and the motor does not rotate, the port signal is low, that is: when the EN enable key is turned on, as long as the motor does not rotate, the alarm port signal is always low , Prompting that the current status is abnormal or there is a question, to be dealt with
    3. In the case of undervoltage, overvoltage, locked rotor, phase loss, phase short circuit, etc., the port signal is low level
    Forward and Reverse Function F/R: An external switch is connected to the corresponding position of the rear terminal block, one end of the switch is connected to the F/R port, one end is grounded, the switch is turned on and off, and the rotation direction of the motor can be changed
    Start Stop 1. Toggle switch on the panel
    2. Connect the switch to the corresponding position of the rear terminal block to control the start and stop
    Note: The two methods cannot be used at the same time. When using one method, the switch of the other method should be in the on position
    Locked Rotor Protection When the motor is locked, the motor stops working and restarts when the power is turned on
    Power Light Green light: always on when power is on
    Status Light Red light
    When the boot is enabled, the potentiometer or the external voltage is not turned on, and it is in the semi-standby state, it flashes once at an interval;
    Enable is not turned on, in standby state, flashes seven times at intervals
    Insulation Resistance Under normal temperature and pressure>100MΩ
    Dielectric Strength 0.5KV at normal temperature and pressure, 1 minute
    Storage Temperature -20℃~ +65℃
    Use Occasions Avoid direct contact with dust, oil fume and corrosive gases
    Operating Temperature 0-45℃
    Humidity <80%, no frost, no frost
    Shock 5.9m/S² MAX
    Storage Humidity 0~95%RH
    Volume 110mm(length)*54mm(width)*118mm(height)
    Weight 0.8kg

    36V DC Brushless Vibration Motor Controller Dimension
    VIbration motor controller dimension
    DC vibration motor controller
    Vibration Motor Controller Wiring Diagram

    Vibration motor controller wiring diagram

    Tips: Vibration motor controller functions and instructions

    1. Speed ​​regulation method (SV)
    External potentiometer speed adjustment: connect the two fixed ends of the potentiometer to the controller "control
    Connect the “+5V” and “GND” of the “control” terminal to “SV”. The recommended potentiometer resistance is 10K-100K.
    External power supply speed adjustment: connect the negative pole of the external power supply to "GND" and the positive pole to "SV", the voltage is 5V

    2. Motor forward/reverse control (F/R)
    The direction of the motor is controlled by switching the forward and reverse switches.

    3. Enable switch (EN)
    The brake and stop of the motor can be controlled by the on and off of the control terminals "EN" and "GND".

    4. Alarm failure (ALM)
    In the following situations, the ALM output will change from a 5V high level signal to a low level, prompting to check
    When the enable switch is turned on, the speed regulation is not started, and the motor does not rotate; when the voltage supply due to under-overvoltage is abnormal
    When there is a stall, motor phase line short circuit, phase line lack of phase, etc.

    5. Motor speed signal output (PG)
    The controller provides customers with a pulse signal proportional to the motor speed through the terminal "PG", the pulse amplitude is 5V.
    Rotation speed = pulse frequency ÷ number of poles of the motor × 60 (seconds)
     Example: A 4-pole motor, the pulse signal is 50Hz, then its speed is: 50 ÷ 4×60 = 750 (RPM).

    Existing reviews of DC Brushless Vibration Motor Controller, 36V
    Wonderful brushless vibration motor controller
    I'm very happy with this motor controller's performance. It works well and the quality is great. I think no matter its service or price is ok. So far no complaints. If you need one, it is a good choice.
    From: David | Date: 22/03/2022
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    simple to use, quality product
    The controller is well built and easy to connect. The unit works well - the color code of my motor matched the color code of the controller so the hook up was easy and the controller works as advertised.
    From: zly | Date: 20/04/2022
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