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    Pneumatic Solenoid Valve, 2 Position 5 Way, 12V/24V

    5 way pneumatic single/dual solenoid valve for sale online. It comes with 12ms response time, can switch more than 15 times per second, 12V/24V DC rated voltage, 1.2W power, more than 80 million times service life, direct lead or vertical socket method, supports multi-solenoid valve combination, factory direct sales.
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    The provided 2 position 5 way pneumatic single/dual solenoid valve is a high speed solenoid valve with 12ms fast response, 15Hz switching frequency, 12/24V DC rated voltage, 4W power, direct lead or vertical socket, supports 4 groups of solenoid valves, suitable for multiple high-speed industries.


    • Model: ATO-AK3120/ATO-AK3220
    • Control Method: Single Solenoid/Dual Solenoid
    • Pipe Diameter: M5
    • Used Fluid: Compressed Air
    • Number Of Positions: 2 Position 5 Way
    • Using Pressure Range: 0.15Mpa-0.7Mpa
    • Maximum Pressure Resistance: 0.8Mpa
    • CV Value: 0.16
    • Response Time: within 12ms
    • Ambient Temperature: -5~60℃ (Non-Freezing)
    • Maximum Operating Frequency: 15Hz
    • Lubrication: Not Required
    • Power: 1.2W
    • Rated Voltage: 12V/24V DC
    • Interface: M5, Direct Lead (Default) or Socket Type
    • Cable Length: 0.3m (Can be Customized)
    • Voltage Fluctuation Range: ±10%
    • Protection Level: Dustproof

    Pneumatic Single Solenoid Valve Dimension (Unit: mm)

    pneumatic single solenoid valve diemsnion

    Pneumatic Dual Solenoid Valve Dimension (Unit: mm)

    pneumatic dual solenoid valve diemsnion

    Tips: What is a 5 way pneumatic solenoid valve?

    5-way pneumatic solenoid valve is a type of valve used to control the flow of air or gas in pneumatic systems. It has five ports and two positions, allowing it to direct airflow to different pathways within the system. Typically, these valves are used to control double-acting cylinders or actuators, where one port supplies air to extend the cylinder and another to retract it. The solenoid component of the valve is an electromagnet that, when energized, shifts the valve spool or poppet to change the flow path. This type of valve is essential in automation and machinery, providing precise control over the movement of pneumatic devices.

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