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    Small Proximity Sensor, Inductive, M4/M5/φ3/φ4

    Small inductive proximity sensor for sale online. It has four types φ3, M4, φ4, and M5 to choose from, measuring distance from 0.6mm to 1.5mm, NPN NO output mode, IP67, low and high-temperature resistance, and fast response. This mini inductive proximity switch is suitable for installation in small spaces and can be easily integrated into machinery and equipment.
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    Miniature proximity switch comes with optional types (φ3/M4/φ4/M5), 0.6mm to 1.5mm measurement range, NPN NO output mode, IP67, fast response, can resistant to environmental factors, and boasts both low and high-temperature resistance. This small inductive proximity sensor is deal for tight spaces and integrates into various machinery and equipment setups. 


    • Model: ATO-I1S030/I1M040/I1S040/I1S050
    • Installation Method: Flush
    • Output Method: NPN NO
    • Detection Distance: 0.6mm /0.8mm/ 1mm (φ3, M4); 0.8mm/1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm (φ4, M5)
    • Operating Voltage: 10~30VDC
    • Continuous Waves: <10%
    • No Load Current: <6mA
    • Maximum Load Current: 100mA (φ3, M4); 150mA (φ4, M5)
    • Leakage Current: <0.01mA
    • Voltage Drop: <1.5V
    • On-Off Level: 2kHz/1.5kHz
    • Response Time: <0.3ms
    • Switching Hysteresis: <10% (Sr)
    • Repeat Accuracy: <3.0%( Sr)
    • Protection Level: IP67
    • Operating Temperature: -25℃ ~70℃
    • Temperature Drift: <10% (Sr)
    • Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
    • Shell Material: StainlessSteel Pipe Fittings
    • Connection Method: PVC Cord, Medium 2.5 x 3 Cores
    • Standard Wire Length: 2m

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    Small proximity sensor dimensions

    Tips: Advantages of small inductive proximity sensor

    Small inductive proximity sensors offer several advantages in industrial applications. Their compact size makes them suitable for installations in tight spaces and allows for easy integration into machinery and equipment. The reduced size also contributes to a lighter overall system weight. These sensors are known for their high precision and accuracy in detecting metallic objects without physical contact, ensuring reliable operation.

    Small inductive proximity sensors are typically energy-efficient, consuming minimal power during operation. Additionally, they are durable and capable of functioning in challenging environments, thanks to their robust construction. The absence of moving parts enhances their longevity and reduces the need for frequent maintenance. These sensors are versatile, finding applications in various industries for tasks such as object detection, position sensing, and automation. Overall, the compact design, reliability, and versatility of small inductive proximity sensors make them valuable components in industrial automation systems.

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