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    Solid state relay, 3 phase, SSR-100DA, 100A 3-32V DC to AC

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    Cheap 3-phase solid state relay SSR-100DA, zero cross switching type, 3-32V DC control voltage, 100amp load current, 24-480V AC load voltage, with LED indicator, panel mount, strong structure and high performance.
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    100A 3-phase solid state relay (SSR) features 3-32V DC input voltage and 24-480V AC output voltage with compact size, high structural strength, good impact resistance, and strong shock resistance. The SSR relay offers a reliable switching the commercial and industrial loads, such as computer peripheral interface device, printing machine, molding machine, food machine, packaging machine, and so on.

    • Built in RC absorption
    • Photoelectric isolation
    • SCR output
    • LED indicator for operation status
    • Removable protective cover for safety
    • Panel mount
    • Zero-crossing switch type


    Model ATO-SSR-TH100DA
    Input Control voltage range 3-32V DC
    Max. input current 20mA
    Must operate voltage 4V DC
    Must release voltage 2.7V DC
    Output Load voltage range 24-480V AC
    Peak voltage 800V AC
    Maximum load current 100A
    Maximum off-state leakage current 8mA
    Maximum off-state time 10mS
    Maximum on-state voltage drop 1.5V
    General Type DC to AC, 3 phase
    Dimension L – W – H (mm) 105х74.8х33
    Weight 500g
    Dielectric strength (input to output) 4000V
    Dielectric strength (input, output to the base) 2500V
    Operating temperature -20℃~ 80℃
    Mount Panel
    Certification CE


    1. When the load is a resistive load, the maximum load current of the selected SSR should be 2~3 times greater than the actual load current;
    2. When the load is an inductive load, the maximum load current of the selected SSR should be more than 7~8 times the actual load current.
    3. When the maximum load current is higher than 10A, a heat sink must be installed to the solid state relay, or the SSR relay should be mounted on a metal base plate with heat dissipation effect, and the thermal grease is applied between them.

    Heat Sink

    Product Name Heat sink for 3 phase SSR SSR 150Amp heat sink dimension
    Material Aluminum alloy
    Dimension (L*W*H) 150*125*135mm
    Mounting Size Mounting Hole Diameter: 3mm
    Groove Distance: 84mm
    Weight 2.1kg
    Application ≤150A 3 phase solid state relay

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    3-phase SSR Relay Dimensions

    Wiring Diagram

    3-phase 3-32V DC to AC SSR Wiring Diagram

    Tips: What can solid state relays be classified according to the trigger form?

    Based on trigger form, solid state relay (SSR) can be divided into zero-voltage type (Z) and phase modulation type (P). When the appropriate control signal VIN is applied at the input, the P-type solid state relay turns on immediately. When VIN is undone, solid state relay turns off when the load current drops below the triac's holding current (AC commutation). Z-type solid state relay includes a zero-crossing detection circuit internally. When the input signal VIN is applied, the SSR can be turned on only when the load supply voltage reaches the zero-crossing region, which may cause the maximum delay, half a cycle, of the power supply. Z-type solid state relay has the same turn-off criterion as P-type. But because of its approximate sinusoidal load work current and weak higher harmonic interference, Z-type solid state relay has been widely used.

    Existing reviews of Solid state relay, 3 phase, SSR-100DA, 100A 3-32V DC to AC
    Good solid state relay.
    Good solid state relay. I have used this item for three weeks and it works well without any problems. It is very recommended to use a heatsink with a cooling fan for dissipating the heat from the relay. I am happy with these items and buy them again if necessary.
    From: Hardin | Date: 17/03/2020
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