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    100W 12v/24v/48v Alternator, 3 Phase

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    Low rpm alternator generator, 100W rated power, 600 rpm, three phase, can select 12V/24V/48V voltage, rated torque 1.36Nm, permanent magnet generator for wind turbine, manufacturer price and long service life.
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    High efficiency low rpm permanent magnet generator 100 watt, rated voltage 12v/24v/48v, rated speed 750rpm, 3 phase permanent magnet generator motor is low in price.

    Note: Special rated voltage and speed can be customized, please contact us.


    Model ATO-PMG-NE100WS
    Rated Power 100W
    Max Power 140W
    Rated Voltage 12v/24v/48v
    Rated Speed 750rpm/min
    Net Weight 3.1kg
    Output Voltage AC
    Rated Torque 1 Nm
    Max. Starting Torque 0.1 Nm
    Synchronous Generator Phase 3 Phase
    Insulation Class F
    Service Life More Than 20 years
    Bearing HRB or for your order
    Shaft Material Stainless Steel
    Shell Material Aluminium Alloy
    Permanent Magnet Material Rare Earth NdFeB
    Protection Grade IP54
    Lubrication Lubrication Grease
    Working Temperature -40℃ - 80 ℃

    Double Axis Alternator Dimension: (unit: mm)

    100W generator dimension

    Single Axis Alternator Dimension (unit: mm)

    Single axis alternator dimension

    100W 12V Alternator Power Curve

    100W 12V alternator power curve


    • Gearless, direct drive, low RPM permanent magnet generator.
    • Low start up speed due to low cogging and resistive torque design.
    • High standard, quality components for use in harsh and extreme environments for wind turbines.
    • High efficiency and Low mechanical resistance energy loss.
    • Excellent heat dissipation due to the Aluminium alloy outer frame and special internal structure.
    • High strength from the specially desy selecign structure and fully heat treatment aluminium.
    • Generator is designed using speciallted material and treated to resist corrosion and oxidation.
    • Designed for reliable and long operational lifetime under long-term full output.

    Tips: Advantages of low rpm alternator generators

    Permanent magnet generators have the advantages of small size, low loss and high efficiency. Today, when energy conservation and environmental protection are increasingly valued, research on them is very necessary. Brushless can be achieved in many cases, so it is mostly used for small and micro motors. Permanent magnet motors can also be used in variable speed drive systems when powered by variable frequency power supplies. With the continuous improvement of the performance of permanent magnet materials and the improvement of permanent magnet motors, they have been widely used in various fields such as household appliances, medical equipment, automobiles, aviation and national defense.

    Existing reviews of 100W 12v/24v/48v Alternator, 3 Phase
    Is it possible to order this with a keyed shaft?
    Is it possible to order this with a keyed shaft instead of an M16x1.5 threaded shaft? If keyed is not possible, is unthreaded 16mm diameter available?
    From: Lucas | Date: 15/11/2023
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, this model can be customized with a keyed shaft instead of an M16x1.5 threaded shaft.
    100W generator
    I'm designing a shaft that couples the ATO 100W generator to the 3:1 65x65mm frame planetary gearbox. This coupling is going into the input side of the gearbox. I am wondering if the input to the gearbox is keyed, or if there is a recommendation for fitting a shaft into the 14mm input hole. The dimension has an (F7) callout with it, and I am also curious as to what that means.
    The 65x65mm frame size planetary gear drawing say the mounting holes on the input are 4-M4/M5. Are they M4 or M5?
    From: Dylan | Date: 06/11/2023
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    ATO Responded
    The ATO 100W generator can be customized with a straight shaft output with key. But this 100W generator has No mounting holes, how is it coupled to the gearbox? Because the input end of the gearbox needs to be fixed with mounting holes. Therefore, our generator has Not been used in this way.
    Starting torque of 100W wind turbine generator
    What is the starting torque for your 100W 12V wind turbine alternator?
    From: Ryanm | Date: 16/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    The starting torque is 0.12Nm.
    Affordable 100W 3-phase alternator
    The 100W 3-phase alternator purchased in the online store is much cheaper than the one purchased in the store. The quality of the 3-phase alternator is also very satisfactory to me. It has high standards and high-quality components and can be used in extremely harsh environments. Even in stormy weather, it will not affect my normal work.
    From: Peter | Date: 01/03/2021
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