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    2 Axis Load Cell, 50kg/100kg/200kg/500kg to 1000kg

    High precision 2-axis load cell sensor for sale, can be customized with different load ratings, range 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg, 1000kg optional, high accuracy, widely used in industrial automation and testing field to meet various needs. Stable and reliable, ideal for your weighing solution.
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    The 2-axis load cell sensor is suitable for measuring bi-directional forces and offers accurate load ranges from 50kg, 100kg load cells to 1000kg. Its high sensitivity and stability make it ideal for industrial applications such as production monitoring and materials testing. Reliable performance and durability for a wide range of environments. Simple installation for accurate bi-directional load measurements to meet engineering and experimental requirements.


    Model ATO-DYDW-001
    Capacity 50kg/100kg/200kg/500kg/1000kg (optional)
    Material Alloy steel
    Sensitivity 1.0mV/V
    Non-linearity 0.1%F.S.
    Hysteresis 0.1%F.S.
    Repeatability 0.1%F.S.
    Creep 0.1%F.S./30min
    Zero Output ±2%F.S.
    Zero Temperature Coefficient 0.05%F.S./10℃
    Sensitivity Temperature Coefficient 0.5%Load/℃
    Operating Temperature Range -20℃~75℃
    Impedance 350Ω
    Response Frequency 10kHz
    Safety Overload 150%
    Insulation Resistance ≥5000MΩ/100VDC
    Recommended Excitation Voltage 5-15V
    Cable Size φ5*4m
    TEDS optional extras

    2 Axis Load Cell Dimension (unit: mm):

    2 axis load cell dimension

    Force Direction Range
    X 50kg 100kg 200kg 500kg 1000kg
    Y 50kg 100kg 200kg 500kg 1000kg


    • Highly stable and can be installed in tight spaces.
    • Suspended beam sensor, high precision processing elastomer.
    • Non-standard customization, anti-interference signal stability, high quality aluminum alloy.
    • Widely used in automotive press fitting, automation assembly, 3C product testing, new energy product assembly, medical testing, robotics field, mold assembly and other industrial testing, automation equipment and testing field.


    2 axis load cell for 50 to 1000kg applications

    Tips: How to Maintain 2 Axis Load Cell?

    • Regular Cleaning: Clean the surface of the 2 axis load cell with a clean, soft cloth to ensure that no dust or impurities affect the accuracy of the measurement.
    • Waterproof Protection: Ensure that the load cell is kept in a dry environment to avoid moisture intrusion. A waterproof sleeve or cover can be used for added protection.
    • Avoid Overloading: Avoid applying weight to the 2 axis load cell sensor that exceeds its rated load range to prevent damage to the cell.
    • Periodic Calibration: Perform periodic calibration to ensure accuracy and reliability of measurement results.
    • Prevent Vibration and Shock: Avoid severe vibration or shock during use to prevent loosening or damage to the internal parts of the load cell weight sensor.
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