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    2/5/10/13/15MHz Function Signal Generator

    SKU: ATO-FSG-30
    Function signal generator price is affordable, frequency range 0.1Hz~2MHz/5MHz/10MHz/13MHz/15MHz for selection, with 1Hz~30MHz frequency counter. Directly generate sine wave, triangle wave, square wave, ramp wave, pulse wave, sawtooth wave, etc. Low distortion of 10Hz-100kHz, less than 1%.

    3 Axis Digital Readout, DRO for Mills, Lathes

    SKU: ATO-DR-WE68003
    DRO digital Readout 3 axis, input signal TTL, resolution 0.2 um, 5 um, um, um 20, or 50 um, it can be used for milling machine, lathes, surface grinders, grizzly planer ang optical comparator. The maximum measured length is 900mm, simple operation, stable and reliable.

    3 Phase Protection Relay Test Set, 110V 220V Adjustable DC Output

    SKU: ATO-RT802
    Professional 3 phase protection relay test set for sale, industrial control computer, 110V and 220V dedicated adjustable DC power output, secondary injection relay test kit with 2 USB ports and RS232 porthigh-tech design, compact and lightweight, easy to use, it can complete a variety of large-scale complex testing with high degree of automation and scan various protection settings.

    6 Phase Relay Test Set, 110V 220V Adjustable DC Output

    SKU: ATO-RT1600
    Super cost effective 6 phase relay test set for sale, 110V and 220V adjustable DC power output, built-in Windows XPE operating system, large display, high stability of software system, 6-phase current for easy three-phase differential protection test, 12-phase output for self-testing, 10 roads are opened, 8 roads are opened, which is convenient for self-injection and quick-cut test, exquisite smoothness and excellent performance.

    6 Phase Relay Tester, Microcomputer Control

    SKU: ATO-RT1200
    6 Phase relay tester, microcomputer control, cheap price, 6 phase voltage output, equipped with WindowsXP interface, ultra-thin industrial keyboard and optical mouse, easy to operate. Output voltage is 110V (1A) and 220V (0.6A) respectively for use in relays or protection devices that require DC operating power.

    70 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channels, 2 GSa/s

    Two channel digital storage oscilloscope with 70 MHz bandwidth and 2 GSa/s sample rate which is designed and produced by Rigol. Up to 256 levels intensity grading waveform display, and wider vertical range is 500uV/div ~ 10V/div, lower noise floor, better for small signal capturing.

    Air Quality Monitor for Home, PM2.5/HCHO/TVOC/AQI/PM1.0/PM10

    SKU: ATO-AIR-DM103
    Light and compact indoor air quality monitor can detect PM2.5, HCHO, TVOC, AQI, PM1.0, PM10, multiple functions yet simple operation. With big LCD screen, real-time display and easy to read. Built-in large capacity Li-battery, the meter is capable of working for a long time. Low price and high quality.

    Alcohol/Brix Refractometer for Wine/Beer Brewing

    SKU: ATO-ARM-6032
    Alcohol/brix refractometer price is affordable. It is a portable digital refractometer with various models. Alcohol refractometer can measure alcohol gravity with range 0~80%. Beer refractometer can measure brix scale of 0~40% and wort specific gravity of range 1.000~1.130. Wine refractometer has a dual measurement range of alcohol and brix, alcohol range 0~25%, and sugar range 0~40%. Fruit wine refractometer can measure 0~14 °Oe (Oechsle) and 0~27 KMW Babo.

    Brix Refractometer, Salinity/Honey/Coolant/Alcohol Measurement

    SKU: ATO-BRM-0082
    Brix refractometer for sale. 8 measurement ranges optional, 0~10%/20%/32%/50%/80%/90%, 28~62%, 45~82%. It integrates brix meter, salinity refractometer, honey refractometer, coolant refractometer, alcohol refractometer, antifreeze refractometer in one. Refractometer price, hand-held design makes it portable and easy to maintain.

    Color Spectrophotometer, Caliber 8mm

    Manufacturer price color spectrophotometer caliber 8mm, test performance is accurate and stable, 3.5 inch digital LCD display, portable color spectrophotometer is easy to use.

    Current Transformer Analyzer CT PT, 220V

    Cheap price CT PT analyzer for current transformer testing, AC output voltage 220V, frequency 50Hz, measurement accuracy ±0.2%, with advanced design, stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation and high test efficiency.

    Digital Clamp Meter, AC Current 400A, NCV and Automatic Measuring

    $83.89 $93.21
    SKU: ATO-CLAM-2019A
    Digital clamp meter is a smart automatic measuring clamp multimeter by pressing the function key, with AC current range 0-400A, AC/DC voltage range 0-600V, resistance range 0-10MΩ, frequency range 0-1000kHz and maximum jaw opening size 25mm. Digital clamp meter has an NCV (non-contact voltage) measuring key to use NCV function. The NCV buzzer and indicator light will alarm frequently if high voltage is detected.

    Digital Conductivity Meter for Online Measurement, 4-20mA/RS485

    Digital conductivity meter has functions of automatic temperature compensation, automatic alarm for upper and lower limits, isolated analog signal output 4-20mA, RS485 remote communication, power-down memory, etc. Conductivity meter adopts anti-static metal paint, sealed waterproof back cover and sealed waterproof joints can improve anti-interference ability, anti-corrosion ability and stability. Online conductivity meter and matched 4 conductivity electrodes have measuring range from 0.02μS/cm~0.02mS/cm to 0.02mS/cm~20mS/cm, can be used for online conductivity monitoring of different liquids such as pure water, tap water, sewage, and concentrated liquid.

    Digital Counter, 4 Digit, Up/Down, Number/Length/Batch

    Digital counter can be used for counting number/length/batch, position control of balers controlled by variable frequency motor, and measuring height, position and angle. 4 digit counter with up/down input modes can preset count value or length, and simultaneously display the total count, counting length and batch value in real time.

    Digital Grain Flour Moisture Tester, 11 Kinds of Powder Grain

    SKU: ATO-MM-TK100G11
    Digital grain moisture tester can test for 11 grains flour, including wheat, pddy, corn, flax and oats. LCD display, pin type, moisture measurement are instant. Light weight and high accuracy.

    Digital Grain Moisture Tester for Wheat, 6 Kinds of Grain

    SKU: ATO-MM-TK100G6
    Portable digital grain moisture tester can detect 6 kinds of grain moisture content, such as wheat, paddy and corn, 4 digital LCD, 2 pin sensor. Measuring range 6-30%, simple and accurate measurement.

    Digital Grain Moisture Tester, 25 Kinds of Grains

    Digital grain moisture meter is used to accurate measure the moisture of soymeans, oats, corn, wheat, 25 kinds of grains can be detected. Measuring range 7-28%, LCD display. Low price and factory direct sales.

    Digital Hydrometer for Specific Gravity/Salinity

    SKU: ATO-WQT-3171
    Digital hydrometer for sale, it is an electronic hydrometer for measurement of liquid density, specific gravity and salinity. Specific Gravity range can select 1.000~1.071 or 1.000~1.045. Measurable salinity range 0~55PPT or 0~100 PPT. Hydrometers price are affordable, widely used in industrial or civil production such as aquarium, alcohol, wine or beer brewing.

    Digital LCR Meter, 50Hz~100kHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-5010
    LCR meter price is affordable, frequency range can select 50Hz~100kHz or 100Hz~10kHz. Measure inductance (L) max. 99.999kH, capacitance (C) max. 99999µF, resistance (R) max. 99.999MΩ. Measurement accuracy up to 0.1%. Fast measurement speed and complete functions, suitable for various components.

    Digital Multifunctional Moisture Meter for Wood, Grain

    SKU: ATO-MM-TK100
    Multifunctional moisture meter can used for measuring the moisture content of wood, grains, fiber and bran, 4 digital LCD. Measuring range 0-80%, 2 pin, light weight and low cost. Digital display with back, light gives exact and clearly.