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    4 in 1 Portable Particle Counter, PM2.5/PM10

    SKU: ATO-PC-98501M
    4-in-1 air particle counter with 2.8" color LCD display, optimized for strong light measurement, easy to read even in bright light. The handheld multifunctional particle counter can quickly and accurately detect PM2.5/PM10 mass concentration, air humidity temperature, formaldehyde content, dew point temperature and wet bulb temperature.

    40 MHz Handheld Oscilloscope, 250 MSa/s, 2 Channels

    SKU: ATO-HO-40
    2-channel handheld oscilloscope with 40MHz bandwidth, 250 MSa/s sampling rate, and 8K storage depth. 40 MHz digital storage oscilloscope is portable and comfortably fits in the hand which is much lighter, easier, and perfect for field use.

    40m Digital Laser Distance Meter

    SKU: ATO-DM-T40
    Digital display laser distance meter measuring distance of 40 meters. Distance measure has multiple measurement modes to solve daily measurement needs. With its compact size and lightweight design, the distance meter is easy to carry wherever you go.

    40m Digital Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth

    SKU: ATO-DM-BT40
    40m Bluetooth laser distance meter offers accurate measurements with the convenience of wireless connectivity. Its Bluetooth functionality allows you to store and manage data with ease, right from your smartphone.

    40m Pipe Blockage Detector

    SKU: ATO-PBD-40
    40m pipe blockage detector with affordable price and waterproof probe for sale online. The perfect combination of transmitter and receiver makes detection easier and faster. The application field of a pvc pipe detector is mainly in the domain of plumbing and sewage system.

    4-20mA PWM Signal Generator

    SKU: ATO-SG-003A
    Digital 4-20mA signal generator is equipped with a large-capacity 3000mAh lithium battery, Type-C interface (5V), adjustable button backlight high-definition TFT color LCD screen and multiple signal generator functions. This multifunction PWM signal generator is mainly used for debugging industrial field PLC, process instrumentation, and electric valves.

    48kW 600V Digital Power Meter

    Get a low-cost 48kW 600V digital power meter online. It is designed to measure the voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, electricity, and energy for single-phase electrical equipment simultaneously. ATO power analyzer features a 0 to 1000kW/h range, 4 window displays, preset alarms, latch functionality, and RS232 interface communication for selection.

    5 in 1 OTDR Fiber Optic Tester

    5-in-1 OTDR fiber tester is a new generation of fiber optic communication system test intelligent instrument, wavelength 1310/1550nm, dynamic range 32/30dB, 5-in-1 multi-functional OTDR fiber tester including OTDR, optical power meter, visual fault locator, light source and event map. Optical time domain reflectometer built-in high-power visual laser source, can accurately locate the closer fault point.

    5 Inch Distance Measuring Wheel

    SKU: ATO-MW-SJ106
    The distance measuring wheel is 5 inch in diameter and consists of three sections of rods. The distance measuring wheel can be adjusted to any length you want, simply by gently fixing it. The measuring wheel is designed with precision gear structure, accuracy ±0.5%, which is the ideal tool for measuring yard, railroad construction and road construction.

    500 mm Vernier Caliper, 0.02 mm Reading

    SKU: ATO-VC-500
    Factory price 500 mm vernier caliper for sale online. It is suitable for measuring length, inner and outer diameters, and depth accurately. Rodless, carbon steel materials, 0.02 mm reading. Durable vernier scale is widely used in science labs, medical purposes, steel industries, aerospace industries, etc.

    50-63 mm (2.08"- 2.36") 3 Point Inside Micrometer

    SKU: ATO-IM-5360
    The provided inside micrometer is a precision micrometer that measures the internal dimensions of an object. It is made of bearing steel material, stable and durable, with a 2.08" to 2.36" inch (50~63 mm) measuring range and a 150 mm extension rod. 3-point internal micrometer is suitable for measuring blind holes and through holes.

    50m Digital Laser Distance Meter

    SKU: ATO-DM-T50
    Handheld laser distance meter measuring distance up to 50 meters, laser level class 2, with large backlit LCD screen for clearer reading even in low light conditions. Whether you are measuring distances for a home improvement project or a professional application, this meter will meet all your needs.

    50m Digital Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth

    SKU: ATO-DM-BT50
    50m digital laser distance meter offers unparalleled accuracy for your measuring needs, it's rugged, reliable, and delivers pinpoint accuracy every time. This laser distance meter not only offers high-precision measurements but also wirelessly syncs your data to your smartphone or tablet.

    5A 120W USB Tester for Power/Current/Voltage

    SKU: ATO-USBT-38
    This 5A 120W USB tester is designed to monitor variables such as voltage, current, and power consumption in real time when a USB power source is connected to the device. Digital USB port tester is useful for evaluating the performance of USB-powered devices such as smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets.

    5m Oil Tank Gauge Tape

    Competitive price oil tank gauge tape for sale online. The tape is made of carbon steel which has accurate calibration and strong corrosion resistance. Oil gauging tape widely used in oil field, gas station and shipping industry.

    6 Inch Digital Distance Measuring Wheel With Carrying Bag

    SKU: ATO-MW-DG11
    Buy a 6-inch digital distance measuring wheel with a carry bag and 5-meter tape measure, the distance measuring wheel is designed with a precision gear structure, with accuracy ±0.5%. The telescoping handle extends to 43 inches and the handle features a large digital LCD screen with a backlight for easy viewing.

    6 Inch Digital Distance Measuring Wheel

    SKU: ATO-MW-DG160
    Buy a 6-inch digital measuring wheel online, measuring up to 9999.9 mm at a time. Digital measuring wheel can be folded, designed for various indoor and outdoor projects, and can easily and accurately measure stones and obstacles on lawns, asphalt, dirt, rocks, etc.

    6 Inch Small Distance Measuring Wheel

    SKU: ATO-MW-XG160
    Small distance measuring wheel for sale, with a wheel diameter of 6 inches, can be expanded to 40 inches, with an accuracy of ± 0.5%. The small measuring wheel has a flexible telescopic pole, allowing users to measure a variety of indoor and outdoor projects.

    6 Phase Relay Test Set, 110V 220V Adjustable DC Output

    SKU: ATO-RT1600
    Super cost effective 6 phase relay test set for sale, 110V and 220V adjustable DC power output, built-in Windows XPE operating system, large display, high stability of software system, 6-phase current for easy three-phase differential protection test, 12-phase output for self-testing, 10 roads are opened, 8 roads are opened, which is convenient for self-injection and quick-cut test, exquisite smoothness and excellent performance.

    6 Phase Relay Tester, Microcomputer Control

    SKU: ATO-RT1200
    6 Phase relay tester, microcomputer control, cheap price, 6 phase voltage output, equipped with WindowsXP interface, ultra-thin industrial keyboard and optical mouse, easy to operate. Output voltage is 110V (1A) and 220V (0.6A) respectively for use in relays or protection devices that require DC operating power.
    Test & Measurement