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    Digital Panel Meter for Potentiometers 5 Digit

    Single channel digital panel meter can cooperate with displacement sensors, linear position sensors, potentiometers, etc. 16-bit A/D converter, zero clearing at any time.

    Digital pH Meter, Online Test pH/ORP of Water/Food

    Digital pH/ORP meter can be used with various pH electrodes or ORP electrodes to realize online testing and monitoring of pH (0~14) / ORP (-1000~1000mV) / temperature (0~100℃/32~212℉) of sewage, corrosive solution, liquid medicine, beer, drinking water, food, etc. Online pH meter can be connected to digital panel meter/VFD/PLC/recorder (4-20mA output), or connected to computer for remote monitoring and recording (RS485 communication). Digital pH meter can also be connected with alarm relays and solenoid valves to form a simple pH process control system.

    Digital Rotational Viscometer, 1-6000000 mPa.s

    Featuring high accuracy and good repeatability, the digital rotational viscometer comes with 4 spindles (1#, 2#, 3#, 4#) and 9 different rotating speeds (0.1/0.3/0.6/1.5/3/6/12/30/60 rpm). Offering the viscosity measurement up to 6,000,000 mPa.s, accuracy ±2% and repeatability ±0.5%. Wide input voltage of 110-230V 50Hz/60Hz for continuous operation, easy-to-read LCD display with high resolution 0.01mPa.s, ideal for industrial and research applications.

    Handheld Non-contact High Temperature Digital Infrared Thermometer

    SKU: ATO-ITHM-02
    Low price industrial non-contact infrared thermometer / IR temperature gun for high temperature measurement has optinal suface temperature measuring range of -50℃~1150℃, -18℃~1150℃, -18℃~1350℃, 200℃~1650℃ or -30℃~1650℃, distance to spot ratio up to 20:1 or 50:1, with multi-functions including display Min/Max/Avg/Dif temperature, high/low temperature alarm, backlit display etc.

    Handheld Voltage Current Thermocouple Calibrator, Output Signal Source

    This handheld calibration tool is a voltage, current and thermocouple signal source/generator, able to output and measure 0-30V, 0-24mV, and 0-100mV voltage signal, 0-24mA and 4-20mA current signal and K, E, J, T, R, B, S, N type thermocouple, easy to use and high accuracy, helpful for testing and calibration in the industry field.

    Paperless Recorder 8-40 Channel for Temperature/Pressure

    10.4 inches paperless recorder has special function of square root computation and small-signal cutting in the flow measurement. It has optional 8-40 input channels, 8 analog outputs, 24 alarm outputs, 8 internal power suppliers and RS485/RS232/EtherNet communication output. Paperless recorder with 256M flash memory can be used for temperature, pressure, flow, level, voltage, current and frequency recording and monitoring.

    PID Temperature Controller, Multi Channel

    PID temperature controller has multi digital 4 LED display, on-off control/PID control, support universal inputs (Cu50/Pt100/K/E/J/T/S, 4-20mA, etc.), 3 kinds of output mode for select (relay output/SSR output/SCR), and additional output RS485/232 communication output. Multi channel can realize separate measuring and individual control at the same time.

    UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Split Beam, 190-1100nm

    UV and Visible spectrophotometers adopt split beam optical system, with wavelength ranging from 190nm to 1100nm, multi-functions to guarantee test accuracy, favorable price and high performance, ideal choice for qualitative and quantitative testing.

    200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, 2/4 Channels, 4 GSa/s

    SKU: ATO-SCOPE-200M4
    The offered oscilloscope is 200 MHz bandwidth, high performance Rigol DS/MSO4000 series digital oscilloscope with cheap price. It offers a variety of trigger functions and auto measurements, record, playback, analysis functions. Real-time sample rate up to 4 GSa/s, 2 or 4 analog channels selectable.

    3 Phase DIN Rail Digital Electric Energy Meter

    This LCD display digital electric energy meter for 3 phase metering, current direct connection up to 100A, Modbus-RTU protocol communication RS485 port, one energy pulse output, is mounted on a DIN rail and are suitable for installation in distribution boards and small enclosures such as consumer units.

    5 kVA 100 kV AC DC Automatic Hipot Tester

    SKU: ATO-HT-5100A
    AC DC hipot tester for sale, 5 kVA 100 kV, automatic control, safety testing, LCD display, with micro thermal printing function, easy to use. Hipot tester can directly measure the AC leakage current on the high voltage side.

    5 kVA 100 kV AC DC Hipot Tester

    SKU: ATO-HTGTB-5100
    Hipot tester manufacturer direct sale, 100 kV AC DC hipot tester capacity 5 kVA, 50/60 Hz sine wave, dry testing transformer with a LCD dispaly, can select manual control, automatic control and electric control, single phase, manufacturer direct sales.

    Digital A & B-Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Metal/PVC/Pipe, Thru-Coating

    SKU: ATO-UM-5
    Digital ultrasonic thickness gauge/tester, with live A-Scan & time-based B-Scan, thru-coating thickness measurement also available, total measuring range 0.6mm-508mm, high resolution 0.01mm or 0.001 inches, material velocity range 500 to 9999 m/s (0.0197 to 0.3939 in/μs), large OLED color display, ideal thickness testing equipment for testing thickness of metal, pipe, steel, PVC, etc.

    Digital Counter, 6 Digit, Up/Down, Number/Length/Batch

    6 digit counter can be used for counting number/length/batch, position control of balers controlled by variable frequency motor, and measuring height, position and angle. Digital counter with up/down input modes can preset count value or length, and simultaneously display the total count, counting length and batch value in real time.

    Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~1MHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-20100
    Digital LCR meter has fair price, high frequency range 20Hz~1MHz. Basic accuracy is 0.05%. Measure inductance (L) max. 9999.99H, capacitance (C) max. 9.9999F, resistance (R) max. 99.9999 MΩ. It is multifunctional digital LCR bridge, supports level/frequency/offset scanning. Easy to study and simple operation.

    Digital Rotational Viscometer, 10-200000 mPa.s

    The rotational viscometer can measure viscosity ranging from 10 to 200,000 mPa.s with a set of spindles 21#, 27#, 28#, 29# and selectable rotating speeds 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 rpm. Easy readout of viscosity with LCD display, the digital viscometer also features light weight for ease to carry, easy operation, high measuring accuracy and stability, best for the laboratories and manufacturing quality control.

    Freezer Temperature Controller, Dual Digital, Pt100

    Freezer temperature controller has dual digital 4 LED display, on-off control/PID control, single RTD input Pt100 (-200.0~600.0℃), relay output, miniature needle printer for temperature record in medicine freezer and cold chain.

    Mini Clamp Meter, AC Current 600A, True RMS Function

    $73.89 $82.10
    SKU: ATO-CLAM-3268A
    The mini clamp meter is a basic True-RMS clamp meter with AC current range 0-600A, AC/DC voltage range 0-600V, resistance range 0-2MΩ and maximum jaw opening size 28mm. Digital mini clamp meter also has special functions of diode test, on-off buzzer, data hold, automatic power off, overload protection, manual range selection and white backlight.

    Precision Digital Panel Meter for Grating Ruler 7 Digit

    Multichannel digital panel meter for precision linear displacement sensor has power failure memory function, anti-interference, high-precision, high-speed, anti-vibration, greasy dirt resistance.

    Programmable Timer Relay, 8-Input 8-Output, 12-24V DC

    8-input 8-output programmable timer relay, with 12-24V DC supply voltage, can work as simple PLC, with intelligent and humanized control, easy to learn, understand and operate. Optional 3 output forms of transistor DC output, transistor AC output and relay output. Input compatible with PNP/NPN. High reliability and competitive price.