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    Handheld Precision Multifunction Calibrator, Output Signal Source

    This handheld multifunction calibrator is a high precision signal source/generator, designed to output variety of signals including DC voltage, DC current, resistance, RTD, thermocouple, pulse frequency, and power distribution, ideal tool for calibrating and troubleshooting detectors.

    Linear Scale, 2000mm/80 inch, 3200mm/126 inch Stroke, 5 Micron

    Low price linear scale stroke 50mm, 100mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm , 2000mm, 3000mm are optional. Resolutions 0.5 µm, 1 µm or 5 µm. Signal output and plug types can be 9 PD TTL, 15 PD TTL, or 9 PD RS422. Good seismic performance and fast speed.

    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter for Water/Oil, DN4-DN200

    Low price turbine flow meter can be used for liquid flow measurement such as water and oil in the pipe size of DN4 ~ DN200 mm, 1.0%R measuring accuracy, 24V DC power supply, threaded or flange connection. Optional 4-20mA signal output and LCD display instantaneous flow / accumulative flow, RS485 also available. High accuracy, and good repeatability, best turbine flow meter for petroleum, chemical and other industries.

    Paperless Chart Recorder 48 Channel Output 4-20mA/EtherNet

    7 inches paperless chart recorder has USB interface, SD card socket, EtherNet interface and mini-printer interface. The optional 48 input channels, 12 analog outputs, 18 alarm outputs and RS485/RS232/EtherNet communication output will satisfy the more needs of display/ recording/ storage/ calculation/ printing different signals. It adds several data display forms: File List, Print, Backup, Configuration, etc.

    pH Controller, Transmit pH/ORP, Water/Food Process

    pH/ORP controller can be connected with alarm relays and solenoid valves to form a simple pH/ORP process control system. Digital pH meter can be used with various pH electrodes or ORP electrodes to realize online continuous testing and monitoring of the pH (0~14) / ORP (-1000~1000mV) / temperature (-10~+130℃/14~266℉) of sewage, corrosive solution, liquid medicine, beer, drinking water, food, high temperature sterilization occasions, etc. pH controller transmits standard output signal 4-20mA to digital panel meter/VFD/PLC/recorder, or RS485 signal to computer for remote monitoring and recording.

    Portable Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detector, 0 to 100/500/1000 ppm

    Carbon monoxide (CO) detector provide high precision detection for CO, with the range available for 0-100ppm, 0-500ppm, and 0-1000ppm, audible and visual alarm, light weight and small size, easy to carry everywhere with a clip, suitable for various applications.

    Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Water

    SKU: ATO-FLOW-2000H
    Portable ultrasonic flow meter is designed for wide pipe sizes ranging from 32mm to 6000mm in nominal diameter with accuracy ±1% of reading. Big LCD display, built-in large capacity data logger, batteries-powered for long working. With clamp-on installation, the non invasive flow meter is easy to install, convenient to operate, and less maintenance, suitable for virtually all pure liquids like water, gasoline, oils and so on. High accuracy, good repeatability and low price.

    Portable Digital Soil Moisture Meter

    SKU: ATO-MM-PMS710
    Buy cheap price soil moisture meter for indoor plants, measuring range 0-50%, digital LCD display is easy to observe at any time, it is a portable, sensitive moisture meter, manufacturer direct sales.

    Portable Ultrasonic Pipe Thickness Gauge, Through Paint

    SKU: ATO-UM-2
    Portable ultrasonic thickness gauge, 1mm~100mm measuring range with standard probe and high resolution 0.01mm or 0.001 inches, material velocity range 1000~9999m/s (0.0394 to 0.3937in/μs), backlit LCD display, high precision and simple to use for the thickness measurement of metal, pipe, steel and other materials, thru-paint ultrasonic thickness tester also available for through coating thickness measurement.

    Programmable Temperature Controller, ON-OFF/PID Control

    Programmable temperature controller has dual digital 4 LED display, on-off control/PID control, support universal inputs (Cu50/Pt100/K/E/J/T/S/R, 4-20mA, etc.), 4 kinds of output mode for select (relay output/SSR output/SCR/transmitter output 4-20mA), additional output RS485/232 communication output, total 64 custom program segments for subsection control.

    Salinometer/TDS Meter, 0~10000PPM, Salinity 0.01%~25%

    SKU: ATO-WQT-1116
    Salinometer/TDS meter for sale, suitable for water quality, salinity, TDS (PPM), and temperature measurement. Salinity measurement range can select 0.01% ~5%, 0.01% ~10, 0.01% ~15% or 0.01% ~25%. TDS measurement range can reach 0~10000PPM. The salinity and TDS meter price is reasonable, fully functional, waterproof and dustproof, it is ideal for commercial and household use in aquarium, drinking water production, TSD online testing, etc.

    Single Phase LCD Display Digital Electric Energy Meter

    Single phase digital electric energy meter with class 1 accuracy for active energy, DIN-rail mounted, direct connection up to 100A, LCD display with 4 digits, can be equiped with built-in serial communication interfaces for Modbus-RTU (RS-485) protocol.

    UV VIS Spectrophotometer, Single Beam, 190-1100nm

    With single beam photometry mode, Ultraviolet Visible Spectrophotometer (ATO-N4S/N4) offers wavelength range from 190 to 1100nm, and single beam VIS Spectrophotometer (ATO-N2S/N2) has 325-1100nm wavelength range. The spectrophotometer is equipped with 7-inch color touch screen and USB port, automatic wavelength setting and precision automatic T/A changeover, optional internal printer and software.

    1 Phase DIN Rail Multi-function kWh Energy Meter

    SKU: ATO-DEM-001
    Single phase 2 wire digital electric energy meter is active energy Class 1 accuracy, with LCD display, Modbus RS-485 and pulse output, 5(100)A direct input or 1.5(6)A via CT input current, 35mm DIN rail mounted, is ideal for basic kWh metering.

    200 MHz Digital Oscilloscope, 2 Channels, 2 GSa/s

    This compact lightweight digital oscilloscope is a high quality dual-channel, 200 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope. It provides 2 GSa/s real-time sample rate and the waveform acquisition rate up to 52,000 waveforms per second, which ensures a more rapid capturing of instantaneous or abnormal signals for accelerating signal analysis and fault tracing.

    AC/DC Mini Clamp Meter with NCV/TRMS/Temperature/Capacitance

    $106.39 $118.21
    SKU: ATO-CLAM-220D
    The mini digital clamp meter is a AC/DC clamp multimeter with TRMS/NCV/temperature/capacitance functions. It can be used to measuring AC/DC current 0-100A, AC/DC voltage 0-600V, resistance 0-20MΩ, frequency 0-100kHz, capacitance 0-100mF and temperature -50℃~+1000℃ (-58℉~1832℉). The maximum jaw opening size is 22mm.

    Analog Timer Relay, 6s/12s/30s/60s, 12V/24V/220V

    Low price time delay relay, analog, 8-pin, on-delay timer relay, timing range 6s, 12s, 30s, 60s, 6m, 12m, 30m, 60m, 6h, 12h, 30h, 60h for selection, power supply 220V AC, 12V DC or 24V DC, optional multi output modes suitable for your different applications. Also available with 8-pin mounting socket for DIN Rail.

    Digital A-Scan Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Metal/Steel/Pipe, Thru-Paint

    SKU: ATO-UM-4
    Digital ultrasonic thickness gauge for measuring thickness of metal, pipe, steel, etc., total measuring range 0.6mm-508mm, high resolution 0.01mm or 0.001 inches, material velocity range 500 to 9999 m/s (0.0197 to 0.3939 in/μs), A-scan display view, update rate 4Hz/8Hz/16Hz, high/medium/low gain, OLED color display, high accuracy and easy to operate, through-painting thickness measurement also available.

    Digital Counter, 5 Digit, Frequency/Rev/Speed

    5 digit counter is suitable for measuring the frequency, rotational speed, linear speed and flow of various types of control equipment. Digital counters can be customized as special test instrumentation for pulse width detection, duty ratio detection, etc.

    Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~200kHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-2020
    Digital LCR meter price is competitive, frequency range 20Hz~200kHz/50Hz~100kHz/50Hz~200kHz for selection. Basic accuracy is 0.05%. Basic test specifications are L, C, R, |Z|, D, Q, |Y|, G, X, θd, θr, RDC, Vm, Im, △%. It is high-performance and compact digital LCR bridge suitable for various electronic component.