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    What is Steam Autoclave Sterilizer Used for?

    Steam autoclave sterilizer is an equipment that uses saturated pressure steam to quickly and reliably sterilize items. It can not only kill general harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms, but also has the effect of killing spores and spores. As an important sterilizer, autoclave steam sterilizer is widely used, including medical industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, food industry, biological product industry and other fields. In the following, we will introduce related information of steam autoclave sterilizer and its main application scenarios.

    Sterilization principle 

    The steam autoclave sterilizer is a rapid and reliable disinfection and sterilization device for items using saturated pressure steam. In a confined space, the steam in it Vertical steam autoclavecannot overflow, and the pressure keeps rising, which makes the boiling point of water continue to increase, so that the temperature in the pot also increases. With the increase, under certain pressure and temperature, all kinds of bacteria can be killed quickly. It is often used in medical and health industries, scientific research, agriculture and other fields. 


    As we all know, different industries have different types of steam autoclaves to choose from. Different types of sterilizers are available in ATO store and can be purchased according to needs. The main fields of application of autoclaves are as follows:  

    Medical and health industry

    High-pressure steam sterilizer is one of the important equipment in the medical hygiene field. In hospitals, clinics, stomatology, operating rooms and other places, it is necessary to sterilize various medical devices and consumables, such as surgical instruments, syringes, laboratory instruments, culture media, etc., to ensure the hygiene and safety of medical equipment. Therefore, it is very significant to use autoclave steam sterilizers in the medical and health industry.

    Portable high-pressure steam autoclaves are usually used in small clinics, private medical units, township health centers, small laboratories, etc. They sterilize fewer items, less station area, and the price is affordable, which meets their consumption budget; Vertical steam autoclave sterilizers are often used in operating rooms, laboratories, laboratory departments, gynecological examination departments, laboratories and other departments of large and medium-sized medical units, and internal exhaust sterilizers are more popular in laboratory departments The supply room is more suitable for horizontal steam autoclave sterilizers in places where there are many sterilized items such as bed sheets, cloth, and waste.

    Drug manufacturing industry

    The commonly used sterilization places in the pharmaceutical industry include drug workshops, laboratories, production workshops, etc. In these establishments, autoclaves are commonly used to sterilize items such as glass jars, medicine bags, medicine bottles, trays, etc., in addition to sterilizing solid objects, but also sterilizing liquids. Vertical high-pressure steam sterilizer is commonly used in laboratories, and other places can be recommended according to the amount of sterilized items.

    Food industry

    In the food production process and food packaging, autoclave steam sterilizers are used to sterilize and fully sterilize, so as to ensure food hygiene and safety and ensure food quality. For example, in the production process of canned food, biscuits and other foods, high-pressure steam sterilizers are used in food vacuum packaging to ensure the hygiene, safety and quality of these foods. Generally, vertical high-pressure steam sterilizer with different functions can be recommended according to the business conditions of the unit. And some large-scale enterprise units use horizontal high-pressure steam sterilizer.

    Biological product industry

    The biological products industry is one of the important application fields of autoclave steam sterilizers. Biological products, such as vaccines and blood products, are widely used in the medical and health fields, providing an important guarantee for people's health.

    However, the production of biological products requires a high level of aseptic technical support. During the production process, the high-pressure steam sterilizer can sterilize the product containers, filling materials and production tools to ensure the sterility of the products, ensure the quality of the products, and ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the production environment.

    Steam autoclave application

    Advantages of steam autoclave sterilizer

    1. The sterilization time is short, the efficiency is high, and the sterilization process will not produce any chemical and physical pollution.
    2. Sterilization equipment has few control parameters and stable operation.
    3. Saturated steam flows dynamically in the sterilizer, and the heat distribution is even.
    4. The sterilizer has simple structure, convenient installation and application, and is economical and durable.
    5. Adopt steam sterilization, saves water resources and energy, and have high thermal efficiency.

    Precautions for use

    1. High-pressure steam sterilization is suitable for the sterilization of high-pressure, heat-resistant, and moisture-resistant medical devices, appliances and articles.
    2. All items that cannot withstand high temperature, high pressure and moisture, such as absorbent gelatin sponge, plastic products, rubber and precision instruments, should not be sterilized by this method.
    3. Syringes and fragile glass products, sharp instruments, such as knives, scissors, grease, wax, ointment and talcum powder, etc. are not suitable to be sterilized by steam.
    4. For flammable and explosive items, such as iodoform, benzene, etc., high-pressure steam sterilization is prohibited.
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