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    Mud Pump vs. Slurry Pump

    The concept of the lurry pump and mud pump is very close, many people do not know what the difference is. Although both mud pump and slurry pump are impurity pumps, if you fully understand these two types of pumps, you can clearly distinguish them from the application and the characteristics of the conveying medium. In this article, we will introduce the differences between mud pump and slurry pump from 4 aspects.

    Mud pump and slurry pump

    1. Conveying Medium. The slurry pump is mainly used in the mining industry, and its wear resistance is relatively strong. So it can not only transport slag-containing mud, but also mud. Slurry pumps are usually made of cast iron, and the pumps have low wear resistance. Therefore, mud pumps are often used to transport mud containing suspended particles. When the slurry pump is working, the pump parts are susceptible to impact, wear and corrosion. Therefore, the bushing of the slurry pump adopts wear-resistant materials, such as high-chromium alloy, rubber, etc. The use of wear-resistant materials can effectively reduce the wear parts of the pump. Therefore, most of the slurry pumps on the market are wear-resistant slurry pumps.
    2. Working Principle. For the mud pump, the motor drives the piston to move through the connecting rod mechanism, which causes the change of the volume of the sealed cavity of the mud pump. And make the pressure difference inside and outside the pump change. Finally, the process of water absorption and drainage is completed. When the slurry pump is working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate, thereby increasing the kinetic energy of the slurry. At the same time, the slurry flows to the edge of the impeller due to inertia, and is discharged from the drain pipe at a high speed.
    3. Application. The slurry pump is widely used for solid slurry transportation in metallurgy, dredging, mining, electric power, coal and other industries. Mud pumps are mainly used in papermaking, drilling, winemaking, pharmaceutical and other industries to transport suspensions.
    4. Auxiliary Equipment. Auxiliary equipment is required when using a mud pump, but not a slurry pump. The mud pump often needs to be used together with the high pressure water pump. The high-pressure pump sends water at a higher pressure than the mud pump to the leak-proof packing. Then protect the packaging. Otherwise, it is easy to wear the sealing parts. However, the wear-resistant pulp pump can complete the conveying work independently, and does not need to be equipped with other auxiliary equipment.

    In short, the mud pump not only has stronger wear resistance, but also has a stronger ability to transport particles. Generally, the capacity of the slurry pump is larger than that of the slurry pump, and it is mainly suitable for the washing of coal and metal ore. The mud pump is more suitable for the occasion of daily life. ATO shop provides different models vertical mud pump, such as 2 inch mud pump, 3 inch mud pump, 4 inch mud pump and so on.

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