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    What is a Magnetic Starter?

    Magnetic starter is a key piece of equipment widely used in electrical control systems, whose main function is to start and stop electric motors or other high-current load devices. Its working principle is based on the interaction between electromagnetic induction and magnetic force, and the safe start-stop of the equipment is achieved by controlling the on/off of the current. The following ATO online store will explore in more detail the composition, working principle, and application of magnetic starters in industrial and commercial fields.

    Composition Structure

    The core components of a magnetic starter mainly include electromagnetic coils, contacts and magnets. First, the electromagnetic coil serves as the key driving element and is connected to the power source. When current passes through the coil, it creates a magnetic field. Magnets located above the coils are attracted by this magnetic field, establishing a mechanical connection. The contact acts as a switch, usually within a magnetic starter, and is responsible for allowing current to pass in the closed state.Magnetic motor starter

    Startup Process

    During startup, when the solenoid coil is energized, the generated magnetic field attracts the magnet, causing the contacts to close. This closure completes the circuit, allowing current to flow through the contacts and into the motor or other high-current load device, thereby starting the device. During this process, the magnetic starter plays the role of a temporary switch, ensuring smooth operation when the motor starts.

    Working Principle

    The magnetic starter realizes the control of the circuit through the interaction of electromagnetic induction and magnetic force. Its uniqueness lies in its precise control of the starting and stopping process of the electric motor. Once the equipment reaches the operating state, the monitoring system controls the magnetic starter to open the contacts, disconnect the circuit, and stop the operation of the equipment. This precise control helps prevent large current surges when the motor starts, extending the life of the equipment.


    Magnetic starters are widely used in industrial and commercial fields, covering almost all scenarios that require electric motors or high-current load equipment. In industrial automation, 2-phase or 3-phase magnetic starters are usually used to control the starting and stopping processes of pumps, fans, crushers, air compressors, conveyor belts and other equipment. Its reliability and efficiency make it an ideal choice in electrical control systems.

    • Magnetic Starter in Pump
      Magnetic starter switches are often used in pumps to ensure smooth operation of the pump system through precise start-stop control, avoid current shocks, and improve the lifespan of mechanical and electrical components. At the same time, some magnetic starters also have overload protection functions, effectively protecting pump products from damage during operation.

    • Magnetic Starter in Electric motor
      The electric motor is the driving force source of various equipment. The magnetic starter precisely regulates the operation of the motor through its reliable start-stop control, ensuring the stable and efficient operation of the system. At the same time, the overload protection function ensures the safe operation of the motor.

    • Magnetic Starter in Fan
      In the fan system, the magnetic starter plays a crucial role in achieving precise start-stop control of the fan. By gradually increasing the current and reducing mechanical and electrical stress, the magnetic starter ensures smooth starting of the fans and blowers, while providing overload protection in case of excessive load, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the system.

    • Magnetic Starter in Crusher
      Crushers usually require high-power start-up, and magnetic starters control the current to avoid severe current shocks during start-up, reduce the impact on equipment, and improve equipment reliability and lifespan.

    • Magnetic Starter in Air Compressor
      In the air compressor system, the application of magnetic starters brings more intelligent control. Through precise start-stop operation, the magnetic starter effectively reduces the peak current during the start of the air compressor, reduces system load, extends the service life of the air compressor, and improves energy efficiency. At the same time, the overload protection function also provides additional safety protection for the air compressor system.

    Magnetic starter applications

    Overload protection is a very important feature that is available on ATO 3 hp to 20 hp magnetic motor starters. When the load is too large, the contacts can automatically disconnect the circuit to prevent equipment damage due to overload. In addition, modern magnetic starters are also equipped with remote monitoring and automatic control functions, making them more adaptable to complex power systems.

    In short, as a precision switch in the power system, the magnetic starter switch occupies an important position in modern industry for its reliability, safety and flexibility. Through the application of electromagnetic principles, it achieves precise control of the motor starting and stopping process, effectively extending the life of the equipment and improving the reliability of the system. In power systems, the existence of magnetic starters allows us to control the operation of motors more safely and efficiently, providing strong support for the development of industry and commerce.

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