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    What are the Advantages of Hydraulic Punch?

    Hydraulic punches are widely used in outdoor work such as construction and power industries. The hydraulic punch is very suitable for punching various metal materials and can punch out various hole types.

    As a common type of equipment, the use of hydraulic punch is relatively large nowadays, and it is involved in almost many industries, and the functions it can play are also worthy of recognition. Through continuous experience summarization, the performance advantages of hydraulic punches are more obvious, including the following aspects:Handheld electric hydraulic metal hole punch

    1. Saving cost
      Compared with the general punching machine equipment, the noise of the hydraulic punching machine is very small, and the consumption of the cost is only a quarter of the ordinary equipment, which is considered very economical.
    2. Simple process
      The unique design of hydraulic punch leads to the simplification of the process, especially the handling of materials is also much easier, which brings at least 20 percent increase in work efficiency.
    3. Fast punching speed
      The hydraulic punch adopts imported impeller pump, the pressure is more stable, and the punching speed is fast, about 120 times a minute.
    4. Precise positioning
      The hydraulic punch adopts an automatically calibrated punching die in terms of positioning, which can automatically measure and position without manual line drawing.
    5. Diverse functions
      The hydraulic punch mainly uses the principle of hydraulic pressure to punch holes, so there is no special requirement for the punched hole pattern. It only needs to replace different abrasive tools to punch out the corresponding hole pattern.
    6. Safe to use
      The hydraulic punch solves the defects of complicated installation and hidden danger of safety accidents of traditional punching machines, and the humanized design is more convenient and safer to use.
    7. Simple operation
      The equipment can automatically discharge the material, save labor when pulling the tube, and the hydraulic punching machines only takes 1 second to adjust the half hole or full hole. Intelligent control panel, punching, arc punching, full hole, half hole can be switched with one key.
    8. Long service life
      Punching machines generally use pure copper motors with strong power and a service life of up to ten years. Die core automatic protection design, strong support for large-scale stamping of tubes.
    9. Good punching effect
      The punching tube of the hydraulic punch is flexible, the tube is not easily deformed, the opening is smooth without burrs, and the punching is very smooth.
    10. Environmental protection
      Because of the unique circuit design of the hydraulic punch and the application of the intelligent switch system, its energy saving effect is outstanding.

    Usually, the lubrication of the hydraulic punch should be done well, which can make the equipment work better and prolong its service life. Hydraulic punch should be lubricated during idle periods or after use, which can reduce wear or damage to various parts of the hydraulic punching machine. Regularly adding lubricating oil to the hydraulic punching machine can ensure its lubricity and improve the working efficiency of the equipment. On the contrary, if the lubrication work is not done well, the processing efficiency will be affected, and the service life of the automatic square tube punching machine will also be shortened. It is also important to choose a qualified lubricating oil that can filter the lubricating oil before injection.

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