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    What is a Hydraulic Punch?

    Handheld electric hydraulic metal hole punch

    The hydraulic punch is a kind of advanced manual hydraulic tool that can open holes in metal plates and can play a role in opening holes that cannot be achieved by general stamping equipment. The hydraulic metal hole punch is simply a stamping die, which is made of liquid oil to transmit pressure to prompt the die action to achieve the effect of opening holes.

    The hydraulic metal hole punch is composed of two parts: manual pump or electric pump and working head. The oil delivery hose is connected by quick coupling, which is reliable and fast, with no directional restriction in operation and easy loading and unloading. Hydraulic punching machine is especially suitable for electric power, construction and other industries to work in the field site.

    The hydraulic metal hole punch is lightweight, beautiful and easy to carry. It can be used in metallurgy, petroleum, electronics, electrical appliances, ships, machinery and other industries to repair the openings of wires, pipes, indicator lights, instrument switches, etc., and is more suitable for formed instrument panels. The bottom plate, switch box and the wall opening of the electrical box are used for opening. The hydraulic metal hole punch is easy to operate, labor-saving, fast, smooth and clean on the processing surface, and can be used regardless of the site or location, which is safe and reliable.

    The hydraulic metal hole punch belongs to the split punching machine or the one piece punching machine inside. The hose in this kind of machine is connected with quick coupling, the whole tube is relatively well sealed, the working process will not have too many requirements for the direction, and the disassembly process is also relatively convenient and will not waste too much time.

    There is a separated type of hydraulic punching machine, and this type of machine is suitable for punching operations in flat copper and copper-aluminum objects. The bottom of its base is flat, so it is relatively stable when placed, and it is not easy to fall. In the actual application process, it uses bullet holes to return oil. The material of the mold is also very special, using high carbon tungsten alloy steel, so the quality will be guaranteed and it is not easy to be damaged in the process of use.

    Hydraulic knockout hole punch kit

    There is an important part in the hydraulic punching machine, that is its die. In the process of using the mold, because it is used many times, it is also a component that consumes faster and is replaced more frequently. Replacing molds is also a technical job, and you need to master certain skills when replacing them.

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