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    What are the Applications of Magnetic Powder Brakes?

    The magnetic powder brake is an automatic control element that controls and adjusts the torque. It transmits torque based on the electromagnetic principle. It can transmit a certain torque under the condition of having nothing to do with the slip and has the advantages of fast response speed, simple structure, no pollution, no noise, no impact vibration, and energy saving. Magnetic powder brakes have occupied an essential position in our daily life and are widely used. So do you know the specific applications and working principles of magnetic powder brakes? Next, we will explain its working principle and application in detail.

    Working principle of magnetic powder brake

    Magnetic powder brake is an automatic control component with superior performance. It uses magnetic powder as the working Magnetic powder brake medium and excitation current as the control means to achieve the purpose of controlling braking or transmitting torque. Its output torque has a good linear relationship with the excitation powder current and has the advantages of fast response and simple structure.

    The magnetic powder brake is composed of a transmission unit (input shaft) and a driven unit (output shaft). The space between the two groups of units is filled with granular magnetic powder (volume about 40 microns). When the magnetic coil is non-conductive, the torque will not be transmitted from the transmission shaft to the driven shaft, but if the coil is electromagnetically energized, the magnetic powder will be attracted by the magnetic force to cause hardening, and the torque will be transmitted between continuous sliding.

    Application range

    Magnetic powder brakes are widely used, and there are roughly the following types:

    Starting and braking control: This application includes ordinary starting (clutch) and braking (brake). Since the motor starts without load, and when the load is started, the maximum torque of the motor can be fully utilized. Therefore, even if the starting resistance is large, the process can be kept stable without causing an obvious impact.

    In addition, because the motor starts completely without load, it is of great benefit to improve the working conditions and prolong the service life of the motor. According to the torque characteristics, only need to adjust the excitation current, can achieve the purpose of controlling the starting and braking time or changing the starting and braking process curve.

    Handling machinery: cranes, feeders, conveyors, etc.

    Paper machinery: bag-making machine, carton machine, slave cutter, book-making machine, cutting machine, paper machine.

    Printing machinery: rotary presses, feed printing machines, etc.

    Woodworking machinery: sawmills, woodworking machines, plywood machinery, etc.

    Business machinery: electronic complex machines, computers, fax machines, copper plate

    counting machines, printers, etc.Magnetic powder brake appication

    Measuring machinery: testing machine, endurance test device, measuring machine, etc.

    Food processing machinery: meat-cutting machinery, cake-making machinery, bottling machinery, noodle-making machines, etc.

    Others: reducer, electroplating equipment, chemical machinery, papermaking machinery, resin processing machinery, etc.

    Large-scale transmission equipment: large-scale blowers, air compressors, cement kilns, rotary impact machinery, rolling machinery, wire drawing machines, large-scale textile printing and dyeing.

    Packaging and packaging machinery: packaging machines, strapping machines, packaging machinery, etc.

    Metal processing machinery: punching machine, welding machine, cutting machine, pipe making machinery, etc.

    Mechanical work: lathes, milling machines, automatic CNC machines, special machines, etc.


    High-precision torque control. The control range of the torque is very wide, the control precision is high, and the ratio of the transmitted torque and the excitation current is correct.

    Superior durability and long life. Superalloy magnetic powder with super heat resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance is adopted.

    It can be easily controlled in a large range to achieve continuous sliding operation and stable torque. No beeping sound. The sticking phenomenon of the action surface will occur in the friction method, but it does not appear here, and there is no connecting sound, so the operation is quite quiet.

    Large heat capacity. Due to the use of heat-resistant magnetic powder and cooling methods, it can be used with peace of mind even in severe continuous sliding operations. The magnetic properties of the magnetic powder are good, and the binding force and sliding torque between the particles are very stable.

    Used for continuous sliding operation. A smooth continuous and driving state can be achieved. Since the coefficient of static friction is almost the same as that of dynamic friction, there is no vibration when fully connected.

    Precision manufacturing, high precision, fine processing, good linearity, and superior performance. The magnetic powder has high purity, no black carbon powder is added, and the performance is stable. The connection is smooth and shock-free. The impact when connecting is extremely small, and it can start and stop without impact. And the resistance torque is extremely small, which will not cause excess heat.

    Suitable for high-frequency operation. Agile response speed and special heat dissipation structure are suitable for high-frequency operation. Good demagnetization, fast response. Stable operation, no vibration, no impact, and no noise under starting, running, and braking states.

    Maintenance-free, long life. High temperature-resistant coils and special grease bearings are used, and special wear-resistant treatment is applied to the armature prone to wear to prolong the service life.

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