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    Automobile Image Sensor in Safety Driving

    Automobile image sensing has a wide range of applications, the image sensor with excellent performance and advanced image processing capability can enhance driving safety and improve users’ riding experience, it has become a popular technology in the automotive field in recent years.
    Main application fields of automobile image sensor
    Automobile image sensors has extensive applications, including the visual application, such as the Rear View Camera, front/rear/ overlook/ panoramic parking image, mirror replacement, passenger monitoring, fatigue driving monitoring, dashboard control, DVR, gasbag; advanced driving auxiliary system (ADAS), such as forward collision warning, lane departure warning, automatic long light control, traffic signal recognition, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, night viewing.
    Key performance affecting the imaging quality
    Low-level-light (LLL) performance, dynamic range and image information processing capability are the key factors affecting the imaging quality.

    1. LLL performance is a chip
      LLL performance is quite important for vehicle image system, an excellent LLL performance can improve the driving safety at night when light is dark. Image sensor vendors take a goal of “seeing clear in the dark”.
    2. High dynamic range (HDR)
      HDR is another important feature for the application of vehicle image system, it ensures that the camera can display the scene details in a wide range of light, dark and high illumination conditions, so as to enhance the accuracy of image information and safety driving.
    3. DEWARP
      Wide angle fisheye lens has the advantage of wide vision when using in the vehicle image, however, the image information collected will suffer a certain degree of distortion. DEWARP technology can correct timely the image distortion of wide angle fisheye lens, recover the images.
    4. Image superposition
      Image superposition means to realize image extension, zoom, right view, two board left / right view, triple screen and reversing dynamic auxiliary line through the combination of image sensor and image processing auxiliary chip. Image superposition function can better assist the driver to see the surrounding environment and reduce the accident rate.

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