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    Tag: axial piston pump

    How Does a Piston Pump Work?

    An axial piston pump is a positive displacement pump with a plurality of pistons in a circular arrangement in the cylinder block. It can be used as independent pump, hydraulic motor or automobile air conditioning compressor. An axial piston pump has a plurality of pistons arranged in a circular array within the housing of the cylinder block, rotor, or cylinder. The cylinder is driven by an integral shaft more or less aligned with the pumping piston to rotate about its axis of symmetry. In this article, we mainly introduce the working principle of piston pump.

    Axial Piston Pump: Definition and Application

    Piston pump from the structure is divided into single cylinder and multi cylinder, its characteristic is relatively high head. The flow rate of the piston pump is determined by the diameter of the pump cylinder, the piston stroke and the reciprocating times of the piston per minute. Piston pump is suitable for conveying oil emulsion without solid particles at room temperature. It is widely used for oil field, coal seam water injection, oil injection, oil production. Chamber press hydraulic press power pump, hydraulic sand, fertilizer plant transport ammonia liquid, etc. If the overcurrent component is stainless steel, corrosive liquid can be transported. In this article, we mainly introduce the definition and application of axial piston pump.