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    How to Control Electromagnetic Relays?

    Electromagnetic relay working principle

    An electromagnetic relay is a double-blade, double-throw relay that uses 2NO+2NC contacts to control a larger current. In the operation demonstration, we use 4 bulbs (220V), a power supply, a push-button switch, and the relay to show you how it works in a more visual way. ATO-HH52PL series electromagnetic relays are reliable and easy-to-install drives with powerful load capacity and compact size.

    Electromagnetic relay function demonstration

    Today, we're gonna give you a rundown on the functions and basic operation of ATO-HH52PL relay.

    A relay is often used to control a large current via a small one and relays are commonly fournd in control cabinets.

    So how to control a electromagnetic reltay?

    Turn on the relay

    When the relay is turned on, the normally open (NO) normally closed (NC) contacts it controls will act.

    The action type of HH52PL is DPDT, which means it has two sets of normally open and normally closed contacts.

    Connect bulbs to the relay

    In the Demo, we re gonna connect 4 220V bulbs to the relay to show you the working mechanism of it.

    Besides the bullbs and relay, we also need a push button and a power supply.

    Then connect the button switch to the relay.

    Button switch circuit diagram

    As shown in the circuit diagram, 13 and 14 are for coil wiring, 14 is connected to positive post (the grounded), 13 is connected to negative post (the COM).

    Now the wiring is complete and on the right is the wiring diagram.

    Complete wiring diagram

    Install the relay to the mounting base.

    As you can see, when the relay coil is not closed, two bulbs are turned on.

    Two bulbs switched on

    Press the button to make the relay coil closed, then the original two bullbs are off and the sther two are switched on.

    When we disconnect L1, two of the four bulbs will no longer be controlled.

    ATO offers a wide range of electromagnetic relays at favorable prices featuring different contact forms and numbers of pins for option. If you want to know more about how to control electromagnetic relays, view the video below.

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