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    How to Maintain a Gas Flow Sensor?

    How to maintain a gas flow sensor?
    Gas flow sensor is mainly composed of a housing, a front guide frame, an impeller, a rear guide frame, a tightening ring and a magnetoelectric induction transducer with an amplifier. The new generation of high precision and high reliability gas flow sensor is designed in accordance with the advanced technology at home and abroad, and is independently developed based on the theories of gas dynamics, fluid mechanics and electromagnetics. It has excellent performance for low pressure and high pressure measurement, multiple signal output and low sensitivity to fluid disturbance, and has been widely used in the measurement of natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas and light hydrocarbon gas.
    Working principle of gas flow sensor
    When the measured fluid flows through the sensor, the impeller in the sensor rotates with the kinetic energy of the fluid, the impeller changes periodically the magnetic resistance in the magnetoelectric induction system, the magnetic flux passing the coil changes periodically and electric pulse signal is thereof generated. After amplifying, the signal is transmitted to corresponding flow accumulator for flux or total flux measurement.
    Use and maintenance of gas flow sensor

    • The gas flow sensor shall be installed and used according to the standard flow range, nominal pressure and flow direction marked on the nameplate.
    • The gas flow sensor shall work at the fluid temperature of -20~+60℃, ambient temperature of -20~+55℃ and ambient relative humidity no more than 95%.
    • In normal conditions, the usage period of gas flow sensor shall be six months to one year, however, it changes with the severity of the working conditions. The sensor shall be dismantled and washed regularly. In case the shaft or bearing is found to have serious wear, replace a new one and remark.
    • The product certificate must be kept in good care, to prevent data loss such as instrument constant of gas flow sensor.
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