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    How to Use a Brix Refractometer?

    Brix refractometers are a common instrument used to measure the sugar content of a solution. Increasing sugar content leads to an increase in the refractive index. By passing light through a sample and measuring the refraction, the amount that the light bends, the sugar content can be measured.

    Today, we'll show you how to use brix refractometer by using ATO portable refractometer, an orange and some grapes.

    Brix refractometer

    Features of brix refractometer

    • Anti-slip rubber sleeve handle: Hold more stable, safer and more reliable.
    • The new upgrade can adjust the blue and white dividing line with a screwdriver.
    • Excellent copper plating process: Core accessories. Corrosion and stain resisitance. Beautiful and textured.
    • Upgrade eyepiece can adjustable lens fical length. Clear vision makes eye confortable.

    Step by step by using the brix refractometer

    Step 1: Juicing the orange and grapes.

    Material of using brix refractometer
    Step 2: Place a small amount of liquid (usually 2-5 drops) on the prism and secure the cover plate. This will evenly distribute the liquid on the prism.

    Steps of using brix refractometer
    Step 3: Point the prism end of the refractometer toward a light source and focus the eyepiece until the scale is clearly visible.

    Steps of using brix refractometer
    Step 4: The grape juice is 22 brix, the orange juice is 11 brix.

    Steps of using brix refractometer

    See more detail by clicking the video below.

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