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    How to Use an Electromagnetic Relay on a Switch?

    Electromagnetic relay (EMR) is a kind of electrical relay that works in the effect of the suction between the magnet core and the armature in the input circuit. In other words, electromagnetic relay works in a way of driving the movable part in the magnetic circuit by the electromagnetic suction produced by the control current going through the coil, to achieve the function of contact open, closed and conversion.

    Today, we're gonna show you a type of electromagnetic relay ATO-MK2P-I.

    It features a quite strong. load capacity which is. 250V AC/10A, and its contact form is DPDT, which means Double Pole Double Throw.

    Given that, it can be used to trigger a signalor a contactor coil that comes with larger contact capacity.

    Relay with visible contact

    Looking through the transparent shell, You can see the relay has a visible contact on the inside that provides the relay with much stronger load capacity.

    The coil remains rated at 24V D.C, but what distinguishes it from Model HH52P is that it does not tell apart the positive and negative power poles as it has no LED indicators inside.

    On the whole, the size of ATO-MK2P-I is quite bigger than that of HH52P, while it's less complicated to wire MK than HH, because the former no longer uses the stepped wiring base.

    Similar to HH MK also has 35mm standard slots on the back of the mounting base. Then let's see how well it works.

    How electromagnetic relay work

    We are gonna connect 4 220V bulbs to the action terminal of the relay.

    Here is the circuit diagram.

    Electromagnetic circuit diagram

    As is shown, No.1 and 4, No.5 and 8 are normally closed, and No.1 and 3, No.6 and 8 are normally open, No.2 and 7 are set for coil wiring.

    And we'll connect a push button to the circuit to control the close-and-open of the relay coil

    Relay connection push button switch wiring diagram

    As the two sets of bulbs are controlled by separate circuits, you can switch on each set in turn by pressing the button, when L1 is disconnected, a pair of the bulbs will not be controlled.

    Pressing the button

    That's all for the introduction and operation demo Auto for our reliable and quality electromagnetic relay ATO-MK 2P-I. If you want to know more about how to use the MK 2P-I electromagnetic relay, view the video below.

    ATO provide compact-size electromagnetic relays with common coil voltages of 12V/24V/110V/220V for your choice. Of course, just let us know if you have any other requirements about the coil voltage. Select the right electromagnetic relays to keep your electrical equipment operating smoothly from

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