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    How to Wire & Install Isolation Transformer

    Isolation Transformer Installation Notes

    1. Open the box to check isolation transformer: Is there any damage to the equipment during transportation? Whether the operation manual, certificate of qualification and warranty card are complete? Whether the fastener is loose or displaced and whether the terminal is in good contact?
    2. For their better performance and service life, isolation transformers should work in the indoor environment. And it is necessary to ensure ventilation of installation environment and keeping away from other heat sources. When the isolation transformer will work continuously for a long time, its output current should be appropriately limited.
    3. Relocation of the isolation transformer in place must be handled with care. Excessive tilting is prohibited. The installation ground of isolation transformers must be level to ensure that the force of the machine in place on the chassis is uniform and the box body is placed smoothly.
    4. There should be enough space around the position to ensure ventilation and maintenance of the machine.
    5. The load should be not more than 90% of the transformer's rated output current.
    6. It is strictly prohibited to touch the electrified part when it's running to avoid electric shock.

    Isolation Transformer Wiring Diagram

    Isolating Transformers Wiring

    1. The "input" and "output" terminals of a isolation transformer should be short-circuited to test their insulation resistance against the ground wire by a megohmmeter. When measuring by 1000V megohmmeter, the resistance value is greater than 2M ohms.
    2. The cross-sectional area of the isolation transformer input and output power lines should meet the requirements of its current value. It is appropriate to configure the electric current density of 2 ~ 2.5a /mm2.
    3. Input and output three-phase power supply cords shall be wired in accordance with theĀ transformer wiring board bus bar color of yellow, green, and red respectively connecting with A phase, B phase and C phase. There is no neutral line for transformer input with triangular connection. In the star connection method, the neutral zero line of the transformer input terminal is connected to the zero line of the power grid. The ground wire is connected to the transformer housing (if the transformer has a case, it should be connected to the ground wire of the case). Check the I/O line to make sure the wiring being accurate.
    4. First start the isolation transformer without load to observe and test whether the input and output voltages meet the requirements. At the same time, observe whether there is abnormal noise, ignition, odor and other abnormal phenomena inside the machine. If there is any abnormality, please immediately disconnect the input power.
    5. When the no-load test of the isolation transformer is completed and normal, the load can be connected.

    Isolation Transformer Parts

    Application of isolation transformers

    1. Battery Charging

    Isolation transformer plays a very important role in the battery charging, so it is widely used in the charging of many electrical appliances, such as the daily use of mobile phones, men's electric razors, a variety of health and medical equipment and other small devices, all of which use isolation transformer equipment. Because the charging process is usually relatively long, the transformer is a better choice for battery charging from a safety point of view.

    2. Domestic Appliances

    Because the isolation transformer has the high efficiency conversion function, therefore is widely used in the family, such as the household electric fan, sound, lighting equipment, game, video camera, etc., the direct current will be converted to the equipment normal use of alternating current.With the increasing abundance of household appliances, the types of appliances suitable for them will increase accordingly.

    3. Office Facilities

    Isolation transformers are widely used in computers, printers, scanners and other office equipment. Because of their good stability, they are suitable for the current transformation, which better ensures that the file is not lost due to the current problem. In addition, the long service life of the equipment can be better for users to save the cost of replacing the equipment.
    Therefore, according to the advantages of the isolation transformer itself, its application field is very wide, not only in common household appliances, office equipment, but also some equipment needing to be charged. With the continuous innovation of high quality transformer manufacturers, transformers will be applied in more and more fields, thus providing better current conversion services for more and more users.

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