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    How to Wire the Terminal Block?

    Terminal block is an accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which is divided into the category of connector in industry. With the increasing degree of industrial automation and the stricter and more precise requirements of industrial control, the amount of terminal blocks is gradually increasing. The following small series will introduce to you how to connect the wiring terminals.

    Terminal block

    How to wire the terminal block?

    To use terminal blocks, the materials to be prepared include: terminal blocks, screwdrivers, and wires.

    1. First, strip 6-8 mm of the insulation of the wire.
    2. Then insert the exposed wire into the inside of the terminal.
    3. Then use a screwdriver to tighten the screws on the top.
    4. Pull it by hand to ensure that it will not fall.
    5. Then press the switch and see that the light is on, so the wiring of the terminal is completed.

    How to wire the terminal block

    Wiring Precautions

    1. During the wiring process, it must be ensured that the power supply is cut off before operation, and no live operation is allowed. If you do not know whether the power supply has been disconnected, you can use an electric pen or a multimeter to detect. When wiring, once there is a slip on the terminal of the terminal or the switch, it must be replaced immediately before use, otherwise it will easily cause the danger of electric shock.
    2. When the power supply is coming in, be sure to put on the pvc threading pipe. If it is a wire installed in the ceiling, do not pull the wire at will, and during the installation process, set a hanging bracket at the corner of the piping, so that it can be more A good fixed wire tube, do not place the wire on the boom or keel without any fixing measures.
    3. When installing the wires, it should be noted that the length of the wires in the switch box should not be too long. After wiring, the wires should be sent into the conduit, and the wires should not be inserted into the switch for fixing. In addition, the host should not be installed under the fixed socket, otherwise it will also affect the safety of household electricity. 
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