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    LED Machine Light Troubleshooting

    Machine tool work lights are lamps suitable for various large-scale construction operations, emergency repairs, rescue and disaster relief and other work-site lighting. LED machine tool light  is widely used in various small and medium-sized machine tools, CNC machine tools, experimental equipment, closed machine tools, combined machine tool lighting, medical equipment, ship maintenance, equipment maintenance work lighting. Some can also be used in processing centers, commodity exhibitions and other places.

    So what problems do we often encounter when using LED machine light? What if we should solve it? Let's take a look below!

    Common faults and solutions

    1. The machine light is not always on but flashes
      This may be a common problem. The appearance of this can make the LED machine light unusable. Such a problem is mainly caused by poor contact of the machine light. The solution is to check and fix common loose parts, such as sockets, etc. , which usually solves the problem.
    2. LED machine lights are dim or not glowingLED machine lights
      There are generally two reasons for such a problem with LED machine tool work lights. One is the wrong contact with the voltage used, and the other is the damage to the bulb. Therefore, the solution is to deal with the symptoms to see if the voltage used is correct, or check the bulb and replace it with a new one. light source.
    3. Leakage of machine tool light
      On the premise of perfecting technical measures, it is necessary to strictly abide by the safety operation rules, so as to avoid the occurrence of electric shock accidents to the greatest extent. Seriously learn the knowledge of safe electricity use to improve your ability to prevent electric shock. Pay attention to the electrical safety distance and do not enter the place where the electrical hazard sign has been marked. Do not touch or move electrical equipment, especially when your body is sweating or your hands and feet are wet.

    I hope that these introductions can help us in the application of machine tool work lights in the future.

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