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    PH Meter Buying Guide

    A PH meter is a commonly used instrument. With the development of science and technology, the application scope and technology of PH meter are constantly improving. There are a wide variety of PH meters, and various PH meter products are used to precisely measure the PH value of liquid media, such as industrial production and processing, food testing and other fields.

    So today we will introduce some buying tips about PH meter when buying. We hope that after reading this article, it will be helpful when you buy a PH meter.

    Now, we are going to introduce the online PH meter in detail, hoping to help you buy a PH meter.

    Online PH meter refers to an instrument used to measure the PH value of a solution. PH meters are widely used in environmental protection, sewage treatment, scientific research, fermentation, chemical industry, aquaculture, water purification, tap water, domestic water and PH testing of various liquids.Digital ph meter

    The online PH meter simplifies the function on the basis of guaranteed performance, which has the advantage of price. Clear display, easy operation and excellent test performance make it a high cost performance. The online PH meter can be widely used in the continuous monitoring of PH value in thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, biochemical, and food and tap water solutions.

    PH meter acidity meter is a high-precision instrument, special attention should be paid to the purchasing of pH meter acidity meter. A suitable pH meter acidity meter can prolong the service life of the pH acidity meter, please confirm the following parameters before ordering:

    • Detection medium (including medium composition, concentration, turbidity and other conditions).
    • Detect medium temperature and pressure.
    • Probe installation method.
    • Length of probe signal line (standard configuration 10m).
    • Header usage environment.


    Tips for purchasing PH meter/industrial PH meter/online PH meter/acidity meter/online PH meter/industrial PH meter:

    • Whether the medium contains corrosive substances? What is the concentration? (Probes should be used for strong acid and strong alkali). Note: If it contains hydrofluoric acid, an anti-HF probe should be used.
    • The temperature and pressure of the medium, the general conditions select the probe within 0-80 ℃, such as high temperature must choose the high temperature probe. The normal pressure is generally 0.6mpa. For high pressure, a high pressure probe should be selected.
    • Probe installation methods: Submerged installation, side wall installation, pipeline installation, flange installation, floating installation, flow installation.
    • The distance between the probe sensor (electrode) and the PH display instrument is within 30 meters, and the standard one is 10 meters. If it exceeds 30 meters, a signal amplifier or a secondary instrument should be configured.
    • PH instrument environment: Indoor, outdoor, waterproof, explosion-proof, wall type, cabinet type, acid resistance, alkali resistance and other conditions.

    Tips for purchasing of online pH meter acidity meter:

    How to buy an online pH meter: The standard model PH meter is generally used as a PH value detector for conventional water at normal temperature and pressure. The changes in the following parameters are closely related to the price of the online PH meter.

    Online PH meter composition:

    • The display host is also called the secondary instrument, which is used to display the measured value.
    • Sensors, also known as electrodes or probes, are used to sense the pH value of water.
    • Mounting parts, used to protect the sensor, such as pipeline type, pool type, floating type, etc.
    • Cables are used to connect electrodes and secondary instruments.

    Before purchasing an online pH meter, you need to understand the field conditions for measuring PH value in detail as follows:

    • Medium: Such as sewage, pure water, tap water or others.
    • Medium temperature: Normal temperature or high temperature
    • Sensor/electrode installation: Water tank, pipeline installation (need to confirm pressure, flow rate), tank body (need to confirm detailed information such as tank material, temperature, pressure, sensor installation location, etc.)
    • The required cable length (the cable required between the sensor and the secondary instrument). If the distance is relatively long, it is recommended to select a signal amplifier


    • Whether the water quality contains corrosive substances, the approximate concentration. If it contains hydrofluoric acid, an optional anti-HF acid sensor is required.
    • Temperature, such as high temperature, must select the corresponding high temperature sensor.
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