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    Tips for Replacing Stepper Motor with Servo Motor

    In the specific occasion, when the terminal load is stable, the action is simple and the motor basically runs at low speed, it is appropriate to choose the stepper motor with low cost which are easy to control. However, when terminal load fluctuation range is large, actions simple and the motor basically runs at low speed, there will be a series of troubles if choosing the stepper motor, because the square-wave driven stepper motor is difficult to eliminate vibration and noise, and will cause out of step or overshoot due to torque fluctuations. In fact, when the terminal load fluctuation range is large, even though the motor basically runs at low speed, servo motor should be chosen. It is found that choosing the servo motor with higher price will reduce the comprehensive cost after considering these factors, such as the efficiency increasing, energy saving, control precision improvement, system stability increasing, etc.

    Tips for replacing stepper motor with servo motor

    1. To ensure that there is not too big change in control system, it is suggested to choose digital servo system, which can still use the original pulse control method.
    2. As the overload capacity of servo motor is strong, 1/3 of original stepper motor rated output torque can be as reference to determine the servo motor rated torque.
    3. Since the rated speed of servo motor is much higher than stepper motor, it is better to add a deceleration equipment, so as to make servo motor run at rated speed. To reduce the cost, it is also feasible to choose the motor with smaller power.

    Tendency for servomotors to stepping

    1. Small size and high efficiency: the latest permanent magnet material and optimized motor design are adopted, which can make the motor in small size produce very high torque. When the same model of motor matches different drivers, the maximum output torques is different; when the motors with same volume use different winding patterns and different number of poles, the output torques is different, too.
    2. Impact torque: the maximum torque can reach several times the rated torque.
    3. High-performance magnetic materials and high magnetic energy products are used.
    4. Both the motor and the driver can be equipped with temperature monitor.
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