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    What are the Advantages of Linear Rail?

    Linear guide is used to support and guide the moving parts, in a given direction to do reciprocating linear motion. It consists of steel balls rolling infinitely between the slider and the guide rail so that the loaded platform can move linearly along the guide rail easily with high precision. Linear guide is a kind of high precision product, the requirements for each component are very high. Linear guide has many advantages, in this article, we will explain in detail.

    Linear guideways

    • Assembly is simple and fittings are universal. At present, linear guide products have become large-scale, standardized accessories, not only convenient for customers to choose, but also very convenient in assembly. Of course in the interchangeable performance is also cannot ignore, a sliding block and guide everyone can separate find suppliers, even if in the future after the use of happened in the process of wear and tear, can also through other suppliers parts processing, the characteristics of good interchangeability these consumers would be convenient for us a lot about it.
    • The cost is low and the benefit is good. Linear guide rail has simple internal structure design and can be mass produced. And the light weight, corrosion resistance and interchangeability of this guide have achieved the characteristics of easy assembly, can be used in all kinds of CNC machinery and equipment transmission components. In addition to cost control, there is a good competitive advantage in price.
    • Low noise at high speed. Now linear guide has basically adopted ball type technology, the market is used in double axis high-speed linear guide, embedded with double row bearings, so that the bearing of mechanical mill will be completely driven, will not reduce its running speed because of ball circulation. The circular motion that can be obtained by using this technique greatly reduces the noise.
    • New guide rails resist wear. The high-speed linear guide is partially made of high carbon chromium bearing steel with strong wear resistance. After heat treatment and density grinding, the surface hardness of the linear guide is above 70 HRC, which can effectively extend the life of the linear guide.
    • Linear rail has interchangeability. Because its own situation is used in machinery with high precision, the precision of production and manufacturing will be more strict control, and the design of the slider and the reholder can prevent the removal of the steel ball, so its part of the precision can be exchanged for use.
    • Automatic oil supply. Linear slide rail on the slide block device nozzle, could automatic lubricating oil machine, avoid the sliding way led inadequate lubrication contact surface of the metal bed directly friction loss, ATO industrial antomation linear slide rail adopts special beam system structure design, can bear the load of left and right, up and down at the same time avoid the machine running accuracy is bad.
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