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    What is the Resolution of an Industrial Camera?

    What is resolution?

    In modern life, the words "camera", "pixel" and "resolution" are not unfamiliar to us. The pixel mentioned by the camera actually means the maximum pixel. The pixel is the unit of resolution. This pixel value is only the effective maximum resolution supported by the camera. Pixels are related to the photosensitive components of the camera, and of course it is also related to the camera settings when you take pictures, and has nothing to do with the lens.

    Different resolutions of the presentation

    Rendering renderings of different resolutions

    Image resolution refers to the amount of information stored in the image, which can be quantified, and is generally measured by quantifying the image sensor, that is, the spatial frequency contrast CTF (contrast transfer function). The commonly used resolution formula:


    • λ: Wavelength or radiation used. (λ=0.55µm for visible light)
    • N.A: Numerical aperture of the objective lens.

    Industrial camera lens resolution refers to resolution

    The resolution of an industrial camera lens has nothing to do with the camera pixels or resolution, but only with the imaging quality of the lens. Generally, the lens resolution refers to the resolution. The lens is only related to the resolution. The higher the quality of the lens, the higher the resolution, usually called "higher sharpness", and the clearer the photos taken.

    How to detect the resolution of industrial camera lens?

    In the quality control of the visual system and the lens resolution detection of the test instrument, the resolution test board is usually used, also known as the resolution test chart, which is a chart specially used to test the sharpness of the industrial camera lens.

    Resolution plate positive

    Resolution plate positive (USAF USAF1951 test pattern)

    When the industrial camera lens images such lines with light and dark intervals, as the line width becomes thinner, the contrast of black and white lines becomes worse and worse. The contrast ratio when the human eye can distinguish it is about 0.4, while the computer can still distinguish it when the contrast ratio is 0.2 or even less. The subjective factor of judging the resolution by the human eye is relatively large, while the computer is relatively accurate.

    Machine vision detection chip

    Machine vision detection chip

    What is the resolution of the industrial lens?

    The resolution of the industrial lens refers to the maximum resolution as a parameter, which is usually marked on the product. Because the resolution can be accurately calculated, through reasonable optical design and high-quality technology, lenses with different resolutions can be produced, matched with industrial cameras, and then applied to different fields that require image recognition.

    Wafer under industrial lens

    Wafer under industrial lens

    The high quality and precision of an industrial camera lens is largely reflected in the highly accurate resolution, for example, when it comes to wafer inspection, industrial cameras equipped with up to 16K ultra-high resolution industrial lens, with the computer can detect defects in wafers of several millimeters in diameter.

    Industrial camera offers high frame rate, high resolution and cost effective industrial cameras with GigE Vision and USB 3.0 Vision support, resolutions from 0.3MP to 6.3MP, black and white or color, formats 1/4", 1/2", 2/3", etc.

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