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    Air Compressors Buying Guide

    There are many types of air compressors. According to different standards, air compressors can be divided into different types. Today, we will introduce a kind of air compressor—screw compressor in detail.

    Screw compressor is a rotary positive displacement compressor. Screw compressors have two intermeshing rotors with helical gears. The volume of the meshing part of the two rotors changes from large to small, thereby compressing and discharging the gas. The components in screw air compressors are manufactured by the latest CNC grinding machines, and combined with in-line laser technology to ensure extremely precise manufacturing tolerances. Its reliability and performance ensure that the compressor's operating costs remain extremely low over its lifetime.

    Screw compressors can be divided into two categories according to their body: belt drive and direct drive. Next, we will introduce these two screw compressors in detail. We hope that after reading this article, you can make a better choice when buying an air compressor.

    Direct Drive Air Compressors

    In the transmission system of the air compressor, it can generally be divided into direct transmission and belt transmission. For a long time, which of the two transmission methods is better has been one of the focuses of debate in the industry. The direct drive of the screw air compressor refers to the fact that the main shaft of the motor drives the rotor through the coupling and gear box speed change, which is not actually a direct drive in the true sense. Direct drive in the true sense means that the motor is directly connected to the rotor (coaxial) and both have the same speed. This is obviously very rare. Therefore, the view that direct drive has no energy loss is wrong.Air compressor

    The direct drive type is a coupling that combines the electric power source with the main engine. Worm compressors all directly drive the worm to rotate, while twin-screw compressors need to add a first-stage speed-up gear to increase the speed of the main rotor.

    If you're looking to buy a direct-drive air compressor, you need to know if its benefits fit your needs.

    The advantage of the direct drive air compressor is that the excellent gear transmission efficiency can reach 98%~99%. The injected lubricating oil has the functions of sealing, cooling, noise reduction and lubrication. In addition, the air compressor has the following advantages.

    • Compared with piston machine, it has less wearing parts and lower failure rate.
    • The screw compression working curve is smooth, with less vibration and low noise compared with the piston machine.
    • The cooling method is generally divided into: Water cooling and air cooling.
    • Cooling system: plate-fin structure is adopted. And it has high-quality materials. It should be sure that the cooler is pressurized. It also has high heat dissipation efficiency and good corrosion resistance.
    • Air filter: Heavy-duty, multi-stage air inlet filter. The dust removal accuracy is 1um (98% is filtered out). Great work area. Relatively long service life.

    Belt Driven Air Compressors

    The belt drive type is more suitable for compressors with a power of about 22KW. It is driven by two pulleys made according to the speed ratio to drive the power through the belt. This type of transmission allows the use of pulleys of different diameters to vary the rotational speed of the rotor. The belt drive uses a tensioned (annular) belt, which is sleeved on the pulleys of the two drive shafts. The belt driven air compressor relies on the frictional force generated when the belts and pulleys are tensioned to transmit power from one shaft to the other. Belt rotation can be used for large distance transmission between two shafts (working machine and power machine). Due to the elasticity of the belt, the impact can be alleviated; vibrations are reduced; and the transmission is smooth. But it can maintain a tight gear ratio (the ratio of the RPM of the driving wheel to the RPM of the driven wheel).Belt driven air compressor

    We want to help you when you are going to buy a belt driven air compressor. Therefore, we will introduce the advantages of belt drive.

    • The belt tension in each running state reaches the optimal value.
    • By avoiding excessive starting tension, the working life of the belt is greatly extended, and the load of the motor and rotor bearing is reduced at the same time.
    • Always ensure the correct pulley connection.
    • The entire belt drive system operates safely and without failure.

    If you want more information, welcome to ATO.

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