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    How to Maintain an Air Compressor?

    The use of air compressors is very extensive. It can be used in instrument control and automation devices, such as tool change in machining centers. It can also be used in wind tunnel experiments, ventilation in underground passages, and metal smelting. Since the application of air compressors is so extensive, what should we pay attention to when using the air compressor and how to maintain it? Today we will introduce the safety precautions and maintenance of the air compressor. We hope that after reading this article you will know better about your air compressor.

    Safety Tips

    • The compressor cannot be reversed. After the initial startup or the overhaul of the electronic control system, it is necessary to confirm whether the rotation direction of the motor is consistent with the specified rotation direction before the compressor is started.
    • When disassembling high temperature components, the temperature must be cooled to the ambient temperature before proceeding.
    • Without the permission of the manufacturer, do not make any changes or add any devices that affect the safety and reliability of the compressor.
    • The original spare parts of the compressor are specially designed and manufactured. It is recommended to use the authentic spare parts to ensure the reliability and safety of the compressor.Air compressor


    • Check the oil level, exhaust temperature and exhaust pressure daily, and check for abnormal sounds.
    • Before starting the machine every week, open the drain valve of the separator to discharge the condensed water, check whether there is leakage, check the safety valve, and the wear of the belt (visual inspection).
    • Regularly check the intake control valve, minimum pressure valve, electrical control box connecting wire terminals, safety valve, cooling fan.
    • Regularly clean the cooler, and test the reliability of the safety valve.
    • Regularly replace the oil filter element, oil separator element, air intake filter element and lubricating oil.

    Maintenance of intake air filter

    The air filter is a component that filters out dust and dirt in the air, and the filtered clean air enters the compression chamber of the screw rotor for compression. Because the internal clearance of the screw machine only allows particles within 15u to be filtered out. If the air filter element is blocked and damaged, a large number of particles larger than 15u will enter the screw machine for circulation, which will not only greatly shorten the service life of the oil filter element and the oil fine separation element. This will also cause a large amount of particles to directly enter the bearing cavity, which will accelerate the wear of the bearing, increase the rotor clearance, reduce the compression efficiency, and even cause the rotor to dry and bite.

    Replacement of oil filter

    The oil core should be replaced after the new machine runs for 500 hours for the first time. Use a special wrench to reverse the oil filter element and remove it. It is best to add screw oil before installing the new filter element. The filter element seal is screwed back to the oil filter seat with both hands and tightened firmly

    It is recommended to replace the new filter element every 1500-2000 hours. When changing the oil, it is best to replace the oil filter at the same time. In harsh environments, the replacement cycle should be shortened. It is strictly forbidden to use the oil filter element beyond the time limit, otherwise the filter element will be seriously blocked.

    When the pressure difference exceeds the limit of the bypass valve, the bypass valve opens automatically, and a large amount of stolen goods and particles will directly enter the screw host with random oil, causing serious consequences. The replacement of diesel engine oil filter and diesel filter of diesel-powered screw engine should follow the maintenance requirements of diesel engine, and the replacement method is similar to that of screw oil filter.Air compressor

    Maintenance and replacement of oil and gas separators

    The oil-air separator is a component that separates the screw lubricating oil from the compressed air. Under normal operation, the service life of the oil and gas separator is about 3000 hours, but the quality of the lubricating oil and the filtration accuracy of the air have a huge impact on its service life. In harsh environments, the maintenance and replacement cycle of the air filter must be shortened, and even a pre-air filter should be considered.

    The oil and gas separator must be replaced when it expires or the pressure difference between the front and rear exceeds 0.12Mpa. Otherwise, the motor will be overloaded, and the oil and gas separator will be damaged and run out of oil.

    Replacement method: Remove each control pipe joint installed on the oil and gas tank cover. Take out the oil return pipe extending into the oil and gas barrel on the cover of the oil and gas barrel, and remove the fastening bolts of the upper cover of the oil and gas barrel. Remove the top cover of the oil and gas tank and take out the oil. Remove asbestos pads and dirt stuck to the upper cover. Install a new oil and gas separator, note that the upper and lower asbestos pads must be stapled. When pressing, the asbestos pads must be neatly arranged, otherwise it will cause flushing. Reinstall the top cover, oil return pipe, and control pipes as they are, and check for leaks.

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