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    How to Color Rubber Sheet?

    There are many types of rubber sheet, any kind of rubber sheet produced by the material, is composed of the main material and a variety of coordination agent mixed multi-component system materials, each component plays a certain role.

    For example, the vulcanization system can make the linear rubber macromolecules through chemical cross-linking, forming a three-dimensional space network structure, so as to change the plastic viscoelastic rubber into high elastic vulcanization; reinforcing filler can ensure that the rubber material has the required mechanical properties, improve the processing performance, reduce the cost; softening plasticizer can make the rubber material have the necessary process properties, improve cold resistance, but also can reduce the cost; anti-aging agent can improve the aging resistance of vulcanized rubber, and can prevent all kinds of aging, so as to prolong the service life of rubber sheet. So have you heard of colored rubber sheet? In the following, ATO store will introduce something about this.

    Rubber sheet coloring method

    The coloring method of rubber sheet and products is mainly surface coloring method and mixed coloring method. Surface coloring refers to the spraying of coloring agent on the surface of rubber sheet and products to make it coloring. The act has a certain effect on static and dynamic flexible rubber sheet products, colorants that are easy to peel off and fade.

    Blending method is the main method of rubber sheet coloring, which is divided into solution method and mixing method.

    Rubber sheet coloring is to dissolve the rubber plate liquid in a good solvent in a solution, and then in addition to sulfur in the rubber sheet liquid, then add colorant and rubber sheet liquid coordination agent, stir evenly, dry in a certain temperature in addition to solvent, and then add sulfur in the rubber mixer. The dyeing method is complicated in operation, the dyeing agent and the coordination agent are not evenly dispersed, the color is poor, the solvent recovery is difficult, and the environment is polluted.

    Rubber sheet mixing coloring this method is currently rubber sheet and rubber sheet products more commonly used coloring method, is to add coloring agent or add carrier in it, and then add rubber sheet, through the rubber mixer to mix evenly coloring. Its specific method is: dry powder plywood coloring, plywood color paste coloring, plywood grain coloring, plywood base material refining glue color. Various film coloring methods have advantages and disadvantages, according to the needs of actual production, choose different coloring methods, and use with various coloring methods, the effect is better.

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