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    How to Maintain Rubber Sheet?

    What is the maintenance method of rubber sheet? Rubber plate itself has a certain weight, has a good grip, can be directly attached to the ground, generally do not need glue fixed. The joints can be cut into 45 degrees of slope with wallpaper knife. No obvious gap can be guaranteed through alignment and joint stitching, which does not affect the beauty and normal use of insulation glue. If the appearance requirements are strict, welding gun can be used to connect. Next, let's look at the maintenance methods of rubber sheet in detail.

    5 Things to Consider When Buying Rubber Sheet

    Whatever your application, choosing the correct rubber sheet material style will help you achieve the longest functional life for your application and mitigate any problems that may arise in its operation. This article explains 5 main factors you should consider to guide your choice. High quality material rubber sheet with broad applications in oil and petrol service such as fuel pumps, control valves, and other similar uses. It can be used flexibly for different purposes.

    How Does Rubber Sheet Extend?

    The rubber insulation board as a material because rubber has other materials can not be compared to the superior characteristics. First of all, the source of rubber is the latex of rubber trees and other plants. The elasticity of rubber has become the first reason for the choice of insulating rubber sheet. Good elasticity makes insulating rubber sheet not easy to break in the process of laying the floor and other processes, and has good extensibility and extensibility.

    How to Color Rubber Sheet?

    There are many types of rubber sheet, any kind of rubber sheet produced by the material, is composed of the main material and a variety of coordination agent mixed multi-component system materials, each component plays a certain role. For example, the vulcanization system can make the linear rubber macromolecules through chemical cross-linking, forming a three-dimensional space network structure, so as to change the plastic viscoelastic rubber into high elastic vulcanization.