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    Air Compressor Troubleshooting

    The air compressor is a compressed gas equipment that is applied for every process of industrial production. As an important industrial equipment, the air compressor provides pneumatic power sources, which is a core device of the pneumatic system. It changes mechanical energy of dynamic into gas pressure energy, which is an air pressure generating device of compressed air. However, if some problems occur in the air compressor, how should we discover and resolute?

    Air compressor troubleshooting are as follows:

    1. Oil leakage fault

    During the air compressor daily operation, it often appears the phenomenon of oil leakage of lubricant oil spilling over.

    Fault reasons

    • The oil seal off or defect causes leakage.10-hp-Belt-Driven-Air-Compressor
    • The loose spindle leads to the oil seal leakage.
    • The joint surfaces leakage and loose oil tube joints.
    • The belt installed tightly leads to the main bearing bush wearing and tearing.
    • Defects of casting or processing causes oil leakage fault.

    Fault diagnosis and solutions

    • Check the oil seal to judge if it has cracks and the phenomenon of inner lip cracks and flange. If there is one of the above situations, the oil seal needs to be replaced. Check the joint surface of the oil seal and spindle to judge if there are scratches and defects. The joint surface needs to be replaced if there are scratches and defects. Check the return oil and make sure that it is unobstructed, not twisted and bent. Check the size of the oil seal and the air compressor box, and they need to be replaced if they are not suitable.
    • Check the radial clearance if it too large by moving spindle. The bearing bush and the oil seal should be replaced at the same time if the clearance is too large.
    • Check the sealing situation of the gasket, and repair and replace it in time. The oil inlet and return joint bolt and boxing screw threads are fully tightened.
    • Readjust the belt tightness.
    • Repair or replace defect parts that are causes of casting or processing.

    2. Overheating fault

    The air compressor operates to overload with long time, which appears to overheat fault. The phenomenon of overheating fault shows that the exhaust temperature of the air compressor is too high, and the operating part is hot.

    Fault reasons

    • The pressure relief valve or the unloading valve doesn’t work.
    • The air-breaking system leaks seriously.
    • The operating part has insufficient oil and drawing cylinder.

    Fault diagnosis and solutions

    • Check the component of the loose pressure valve when it uses the intake unloading. And check the unloading valve if it is blocked or stuck when it reduces unloading. To clean stuck components and to replace failed components can eliminate efficiently the overheating fault.
    • Check brake system parts and lines.
    • The piston and the cylinder liner are insufficient lubrication with a too small clearance or drawing cylinder, which makes overheating. The solution is to repair or replace the failed parts.

    3. Abnormal noise

    The air compressor always appears abnormal noise when it is used for a long time, such as metal impact sounds, even knocking, and squeal with friction.

    Fault reasons

    • The connecting-rod bearing shell and bushing wear seriously, the connecting-rod bolt is untightened, which generates knocking sounds.
    • The belt is loose and the groove type of active and passive belts is inconsistent, which makes it slip.
    • The oil is not provided immediately after the air compressor operated, causing the metal friction.
    • Fixed bolts are untightened.
    • Gear nuts are loose, making the backlash too large.
    • There are foreign matters in the piston.

    Fault diagnosis and solutions

    • Check whether the connecting-rod bearing shell, rod bushing and main bearing are worn, strained or burned, and the connecting-rod bolt is loose. Judge whether the main oil gallery is unobstructed. The suggestion is that replace the worn or stained connecting-rod bearing shell, rod bushing and main bearing. The connecting-rod bolt should be tightened. And dredge the main oil gallery.
    • Replace the inconsistent groove type of active and passive belts, and adjust the belt tightness.
    • Adjust the pressure in lubricating oil injection if it is not enough. Clean the blocked oil tube, and replace the failed oil tube. Check the oil quality and impurity contents of lubricating oil, which compares with standard. If it exceeds standard, it should be replaced immediately.
    • Fasten fixing bolts if they are loose, which can reduce the abnormal noise.
    • The gear driven air compressor should be checked whether there are gears loosening and installation of unmatched gears.
    • Clean foreign matters to reduce the abnormal noise.
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