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    An Industrial PC VS A Normal Computer

    Industrial Personal Computer is called industrial PC for short, it's mainly used in the industrial production; Normal computer is called PC for short and is mainly used in personnel or business. Because of the different applications, the technical requirements are different. Ordinary household or office computer is a civil class, while the industrial PC is a industrial level, which has special requirements in structure and other aspects.industria pc

    On the appearance, the normal computers are open with many heat dissipation holes on the appearance, only a power fan is used to blow outwards to dissipate heat. However, the industrial PC case is completely closed and it's much heavier than the normal computer, meaning that its material is thicker and stronger. It not only has a fan inside, but also another fan to ensure the positive pressure in the case.

    On the battery, that of normal industrial PC and normal computers are different. The battery of an industrial PC uses resistance capacitor and coil to resist the impact and interference, which is much higher than the normal computer. Load capacity of the industrial PC is also larger. Industrial PC doesn't have the fan embedded complete CPU, its memory is integrated on the main board. With the laptop hard drive, it also uses the CF card or SSD. Its power supply is generally a DC at 5-30V. Industrial PC has a wide application, for example, the industrial PC can control the step or servo motor systems by inserting a motion control card in the industrial PC slot, such as dispenser, winding machine, visual printing machine, chip mounter, PCB checker, fast and slow wire walking machine, laser cutting machine and engraving machine.

    A normal computer has only one main board with standard configuration parts on it, such as the CPU slot, memory slot, other parts such as the discrete graphics are inserted in the expansion slots on the main board, which is generally the PCI slot now. However, Industrial PC is different. It has a larger motherboard named passive backplane, on which there are few integrated circuits but many expansion slots, the main board with CPU is inserted in the special slot of this motherboard, other expansions should also be inserted on the motherboard rather than the main board. The advantage is that the outside interference can be better shielded, because industrial PC works in a poor environment with much interference. On this basis, the industrial PC can works more stably, a larger motherboard is more likely to expand other plug-ins.

    Now industrial PC is used in many fields, but it's not well used on most cases. Someone fails to remove the machine stoppage after much efforts while others treat it easily. The difference lies in the correct management and maintenance of the industrial PC. Industrial PC is an industrial computer for working in a special and harsh environment, its power supply, case and motherboard are designed for long-term continuous operation. To better use it and keep it at a good condition, necessary and reasonable maintenance must be implemented.

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