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    How to Choose an Industrial PC?

    Industrial PC is called industrial control computer for full, it is a computer specially designed for industrial control, and is used to monitor and control the machine equipment, production process and data parameters in the production of industrial control computers.fanless embedded industrial pc 1037u
    Industrial PC often runs in a bad environment and has higher requirements on the data security, so industrial PC usually has special design, such as reinforcement, dustproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and radiation protection.
    Industrial PC also has higher demand for expansibility, the interface design needs to meet specific external devices, so the industrial PC needs to be customized to meet the demand in most cases.
    We should know the following clearly on how to choose an industrial PC: which equipment is the industrial PC used; if the communication interface of the industrial PC is sufficient; whether the product quality is up to the standard.
    How to choose an industrial PC? Next ATO will share the Purchasing Guide for the industrial PC:

    1. Choose an industrial PC according to the space size for application. Industrial PC usually needs to be installed on the rack or other narrow space, so the installation size has been the primary restrictive condition. Installation height of the industrial PC changes from 1U to 7U (1U=4.45cm). Meanwhile, smaller fan - free embedded industrial PC has been developed in recent decade, which is about 10cm in length. Workstations with complex functions also exist. Therefore, product specification shall be chosen firstly according to the size of the installation site.
    2. According to the feasible installation method in the field, industrial PC can be divided into wall mounting type, rack-mount type, desk type and embedded type. Meanwhile, the wiring mode shall also be fully considered.
    3. Environmental needs. The reason why industrial PC is different from ordinary civil computers is that it can be applied to harsh environments, such as ultra high or ultra-low temperature, high dust and high vibration. So be carefully if the parameters of the industrial PC meet your environmental needs when choosing, such as the operating temperature, storage temperature.
    4. Technical parameter. Like choosing a personal computer, you should also pay attention to the technical parameters when purchasing an industrial PC: processor, storage, internal memory, software. Selection of the industrial PC configuration is comprehensively determined by the equipment used in the field. Too high configuration can not fully play the efficiency of industrial PC, thus becoming a waste; too low configuration may limit the operation speed in the field, the functions will be affected, as a result, the production efficiency reduces.
    5. Expansibility. Consider what type of industrial PCinterface needs. If you need to buy an assemble machine rather than a complete machine, please consider the interfaces when choosing the board card.
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