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    How to choose a laser marking machine?

    There are five matters need attention in choosing a laser marking machine.
    I. The selection of the breadth size
    An appropriate machine breadth should be selected according to the size of the product to be processed. As to the breadth size selection of the laser marking, a bigger breadth is not always good. On one hand, the device with bigger breadth is usually more expensive. On the other hand, some equipment with no good quality will have unstable laser output uniformity of each spot on a bigger breadth, which will cause uneven depth of the marking product on the same table. Therefore, it is correct to choose a proper breadth. The customers should choose a proper laser marking machine according to their business demands and capital conditions.
    II. Spindle motor of the laser marking machine
    The spindle motor is an important constituent part of the computer marking machine. Its performance has the vital influence to the entire performance of the computer marking machine. The processing spindle is usually divided into two categories: precision machining spindle and high-power cut-off spindle.

    1. The characteristics of the precision machining spindle are low-noise, high-speed and height. Therefore, it is extremely suitable to process very precise parts, such as the seal, nameplate, breast plate, gift and so on. This motor is usually high-speed variable frequency motor, with low power of usually below 250W. The defect is that it has a poor capacity of cutting the thick materials. It is not appropriate to be used to cut the thick materials.
    2. High-power cut-off spindle. It is mainly used for cutting and high-power engraving. Its characteristics lie in its high power and strong cutting capability. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for cutting, 3D lettering. Of course, it can also be used to make the breast plate, nameplate, seal and so on. This category of high-power spindle can usually be divided into brushless frequency-conversion high-speed alternating current motor and brush high-speed alternating current motor according to the characteristics of the motor.
      The main differences are:
      a. Brushless frequency conversion motor has a high revolving speed. Its speed range is 70,060,000 rpm while the general brush AC motor has the maximum revolving speed of 24,000 rpm.
      b. Brushless frequency conversion motor has a high precision, small erosion and low noise. Its operation noise is much lower than the brush AC motor.
      c. Brushless frequency conversion motor has a good stalling performance. Because the VFD has a specific current-limiting circuit, the stalling for a short period will not burn the motor.

    III. The selection of controlling means and speed:
    The controlling means of the laser marking machine can be divided into three types at present:

    1. All calculation are completed through computer control. When the laser marking machine is working, the computer is also in the working status, so that other composing work can't be conducted. This mean is likely to generate waste products because of the maloperation of the computer.
    2. Controlled by the SCM. This kind of controller can conduct composing work when the laser marking machine is working. However, the computer can not be turned off. Actually, this equals to have saved one computer and reduced the generated waste products because of the maloperation of the computer.
    3. Employ USB terminal to transfer the data. The system of the laser marking machine has the memory of over 32M. Only if the file has been saved, the computer can be abandoned thoroughly. You can turn off the computer or utilize the computer to conduct other composing work. This mean will improve the working efficiency of the marking machine.

    IV. Guide rail
    The big breadth of the laser marking machine has to employ the dilated square guide rail, whose loading capacity and precision maintaining ability are over 30 times of the round guide rail. Therefore, the high quality and speed of the laser marking machine will be guaranteed. If you want to get more information or have any special requirement, you can send samples to ATO for processing and sampling. The laser equipment also includes the fiber laser marking machine, portable laser marking machine, bar code two-dimensional code marking machine, production date and serial number laser marking machine and so on.
    V. Precision
    The machine with small breadth can mark the characters of 1mm. Or the marking machine with big breadth can mark the small characters of 1.5mm. All these characters are visible clearly under the magnifying glass.

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