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    Fiber laser marking machine is ideal for IC card industry

    IC Card refers to a portable card plastic pasted or embedded with an integrated circuit chip. It is formed by embedding the integrated circuit chip with the microprocessor and mass memory on the plastic substrate. Its appearance is quite similar to the normal bank card. IC Card emerges as the development of the semiconductor technology and the higher requirements of the present society to the information security and memory capacity. At present, IC Card has become a new star in the information society. The common intelligent cards include the telephone IC Card, identity IC Card, and some traffic tickets and memory cards.
    The application area of the IC Card has covered many industries, such as the telecom, social security, bank, tax administration, public transportation, expressway card, gas filling card and so on. As the application scale of the IC Card enlarges, the packaging, printing and identifying business of the card have become the industrialization production. As the development of the IC Card industry and the improving card fabricating requirement, the printing mean of the card has also changed from the ink printing, heat transfer printing into laser printing.
    The contrast of the fiber laser marking with other card fabricating technologies
    Because laser marking possesses many incomparable advantages of the heat transfer printing technology, such as the permanent marking, no consumables and so on, it is used in more and more application areas to replace the traditional card fabricating technology. Furthermore, because of the rapid development of the laser technology, combined with the increasing demand of the market to the laser products with high output power, small size and low maintenance quantity, the laser module integrated in the card sender has developed from the lamp pumping marking machine, to diode pumping marking machine and then to the fiber laser marking machine gradually.
    ATO fiber laser marker is to utilize the computer to control the laser to etch characters and patterns of bar codes on the card surface. It has the advantages of making the identifications to be more exquisite, with no consumables and maintenance requirements.
    The contrast of the heat transfer printing and the fiber laser marking

      Heat transfer printing Fiber laser marking
    Engraving effect Have a higher requirement to the material; might have unclear printing and leaked printing phenomenons; can be wiped off. If the material has a slight difference, the printing effect will have no big change. The phenomenons of unclear or leaked characters will not happen. The characters can not be wiped.
    Stability It requires to be wiped off manually if there is any unclear modification or character leakage; increase the error rate and labor cost. Once the device has been debugged to have normal operation, the failure rate is zero. Maintenance quantit
    Maintenance quantity The printing head has a high failure rate. The operation life of the laser tube is 100000 hours. The entire device is maintenance-free for 10 years.
    Consumables' cost The maintenance cost is USD 8000/year under the working condition of full load. The cost includes the components of the printing head, manual repairing and so on. The operation life of the laser tube is 100000 hours. The entire device. It will depreciate in 15 hours, with no consumables during the whole operation life.

    The card making efficiency of the fiber laser marking machine
    As to the fiber laser marking machine integrated onto the small-size card sending machine, taking the 10W fiber laser marking machine for example, the system can mark 750 pieces of cards in one hour.
    As to the fiber laser marking machine integrated onto the large-size card sending machine, the system can mark 4,000~6,000 pieces of cards in one hour.
    The material of the fiber laser marking application
    The marked materials of the fiber laser marking are quite extensive, majoring in PVC, PC, high-temperature resistance plastics, Teslin, ABS, PET, PET-G, PET-F and so on.
    The application examples of the fiber laser marking in IC Card industry.
    The fiber laser marking is mainly used to engrave the mobile phone card and urban public utility IC card in the telecom industry, with its detailed application scope covering the public transportation, rent, rail transit(underground), water supply, heat supply, gas, garden scenery, digital community, road and bridge charging, management of parking lot and other extensive areas.

    1. Telecom industry
      1) SIM card
      The laser engraving content of the mobile phone SIM card is mainly the 128,39 bar code and number. Usually, it has a certain requirement to the readable level of the bar code. If the 20W fiber laser marking machine is used to mark, the marking time of every card is within 1s (decide as the material). Of course, as to the same engraving content, a higher average output power of the laser requires a shorter marking time.
      2) Mobile phone payment card
    2. Traffic industry
      1) Urban transportation cardfiber laser marking machine for bank debit card
      2) Railway card
    3. Enterprise application
      1) Entrance guard card
      2) Campus card
      3) Fuel gas card
      4) Electricity smart card
    4. Government industry
      1) Identity card
      2) Driving license
      3) Electronic passport
      4) Citizen card
      5) Social security card
    5. Finance and retail
      1) Value card of the shopping mall and super market
      2) Bank debit card
      3) E-bank USB

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