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    Fiber laser marking technology on the low-voltage apparatus

    At present, the low-voltage apparatus includes the breaker, fuse protector, air switch, leakage protector and so on. If their models, specifications and names are marked with ink pad printing technology, there will be a problem that these are components easily to have erosion in using, therefore, the marks will be difficult to be distinguished in using, which will bring many unnecessary troubles in the future. Then what can we do to ensure the durability and wearing resistance of the marking effect? It is certain that people will think of the advantages of the laser marking machine in this aspect.
    The marking contents of the low-voltage apparatus include the model, specification and product identification and so on. The traditional ink pad printing technology still has many deficiencies in the manufacturing process, which mainly lie in the easy detachment of the ink, not exquisite appearance, trouble in plate making and plate changing because of the great varieties, high cost of the consumables (oil ink). In order to improve the attachment performance of the oil ink, the curing agent is required and the ink box has to be changed every eight hours. The ink box should be wasted even though it has not been used out. However, the ink box in 80g costs USD 60. Therefore, the consumables' cost will reach tens of thousands if three pad printing machines are used every day for three shuttles. The high consumables' cost is an urgent problem to any manufacturer of low-voltage apparatus manufacturer.
    Laser marking machine can mark the identifications well through the laser. Instead of attaching the identifications on the surface of the work pieces as the ink printing does, the laser marker will guarantee the durability of the marking effect. The identifications will also not disappear because of being touched with fingers for a long time, which plays an extremely important effect for us to operate the low-voltage apparatus correctly. Furthermore, the laser marking machine operates with no consumables, therefore, it reduces the marking cost, protects the environment and has the exquisite marking effect. All these are a promotion of the original ink printing.
    fiber laser marking machine for the breaker
    Detailed analysis of the laser advantages:

    1. Good antifalsification
      The laser mark is the permanent mark. It is not easily to be obliterated. The characters employ the continuous and clear lines. In addition, the typefaces can be designed as the special one which is unable to be imitated according to the requirement. If the laser marking system (mark the anti-fake code) can be combined with telephone voice query, its anti-fake performance will be higher.
    2. The permanent identification has a strong trace-ability.
      Because the traditional marks are easily to be wiped off and the components in the present vehicle industry requires to have a higher trace-ability, which means the permanent marks, the laser marking has a large scope of applications in the vehicle components.
    3. Low in the pollution of the environment
      The printing ink employed by the ink pad printing mean is not non-toxic and non-harmful for human beings. Both ink and solvent are high volatile substances, so that they will generate many chemical and poisonous residues, which will pollute the environment and damage human health. It has already been obsoleted gradually in the international market. In the United States, it has been forbidden to mark the inner package of medicines with the ink jet, which has been changed into the laser marking machine thoroughly.
    4. Low operating cost
      The laser marking system in the low-voltage apparatus industry is operating with no consumable. Compared with the traditional marking system, it can be said to have saved a large amount of expense for the enterprises. The laser marking system in the low-voltage apparatus industry employs the fiber laser device, which is also the non-consumable laser device. The operating life of the laser device is 10 hours. The entire device adopts wind energy design. The power consumption of the device is 0.5kW/hour.
    5. Low failure rate of the device
      The laser marking system in the low-voltage apparatus industry is the maintenance-free fiber laser device. It is maintenance-free with 100,000 hours. The fiber laser marking machine employs the fiber laser device and high-speed galvanometer scanning system. The entire device basically has no mechanical moving components and no wearing parts. Its maintenance-free time can be over 100,000 hours. It has the obvious technical and reliable advantages. There have been many successful cases in the low-voltage apparatus industry.

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