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    Laser marking technology in automotive industry

    At present, car ownership for one thousand persons in the United States is 800, 550 in Europe, and 120 in China. However, the average car ownership for one thousand persons in the world is 160. According to the development regulation of car ownership in various main countries in the world, the automotive industry will still have a big development space in the future. The laser technology also has more extensive application in the marking, cutting and welding of the automotive industry. Today, let's mainly summarize the application of the laser marking.

    1. Laser marking technology apply on the car tag and nameplate
      Laser marking technology apply on car tag
      The exclusive laser marking machine of of the car flexible tag is customized aimed at the characteristics of the flexible tags of the cars. It is widely used in the automobile, household appliance and other industries. It possesses the professional international high-quality laser source. Its marking effect matches the high quality of the customers' products. It is suitable for the tag on car body, engine tag, VIN code tag, bar code tag, key tag, oil tank tag, alarming tag of the air bag restraint system, tire pressure tag, air-conditioner tag, tag of the cooling system, car launching and controlling tag, door tag and so on.
    2. Laser marking on the car glass
      Laser marking on the car glass
    3. Laser marking on the car hub
      Laser marking on the car hub
    4. Laser marking on the automotive components
      Laser marking on the automotive components

    From the above diagrams, it is visible that the application of the laser marking in the automotive industry mainly includes QR code, plain code, Logo, pattern, alarming signs, the mark of label nameplate, the mark of the certification on the glass, text marks of the manufacturing data and serial number, the marks of the transparent pressing button and so on.
    Compared with the traditional silk screen, pad printing and so on, the laser marking adopts non-contact processing, with no consumables, high efficiency and precision. The laser marking machine has long operation life, stable performance, easy operation and low cost. In addition, the application scope is quite extensive. It can process both the metal and non-metal materials. The marking patterns are evident, beautiful, durable and lasting.
    laser marking QR code of automobile quality tracing system
    It is worth mentioning the application of the laser marking QR code in the quality tracing system of automotive components and interrelated industries. It has become even more popularized and been the consistent demand of the extensive customers in the automotive industry. The successive publication of the laws and regulations on the automobile safety aspect puts forward higher requirements to the quality control of the entire vehicle, components and assorting products, thus driving the traditional manufacturing industry to move quickly towards the informatization, automation and intellectualization directions. In order to complete the "three guarantees" management by politics of the products, implement the recalling policy of the defected automobiles, realize the information collection and quality traceability of the key automotive components, forge the whole industrial chain of the quality traceability system of the automobile and its components, the laser marking software is embedded with the strong database support and networking function, so as to realize seamless joint with the database of the entire vehicle and components manufacturers, complete the establishment of the database and upload information in real time, communicate with the upstream and downstream databases and achieve the quality tracing control of the whole journey of the products. The manufacturer, production date, item number and batch number as well as other information can be obtained through scanning the two-dimensional code marked by the laser.
    It is visible that the laser marking machine can provide the most professional solutions in the laser marking area of the whole automotive industry, from the car body, car frame, hub and tire, various hardware components, central control of the seat, steering wheel and instrument panel, glass, interior decoration, lighting, the assorted oils for cars, ornaments and so on.

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