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    Fiber laser marking technology on metal nameplate

    The common metal nameplate is used to identify the LOGO of the manufacturer, information parameter or some commemorative patterns. Since the metal nameplate has outstanding performance in reserving, wear resistance, appearance and texture and other aspects, it has very wide application. The materials used for the metal nameplate are usually metal thin plate, such as the stainless steel, aluminum alloy, alumina, zinc alloy, copper, iron and so on.
    The disadvantages of the traditional printing technology
    The pattern, company LOGO, contact mean, QR code and so on printed on the surface of the metal nameplate usually employs the traditional silk printing and pad printing. fiber laser marking machine for metal nameplateThe working principle of the silk printing is quite simple. First of all, the pattern requires to be printed has to be carved on the steel plate. And then the printing screen is used to print the patterns on the surface of the nameplate. Pad printing is to make plate of the pattern to be printed in the first. Then it is required to cave the gravure on the steel plate. Afterwards, the silica gel transferring head is used to print on the product surface. The printing technologies of the two approaches have both advantages and disadvantages. However, with the social development and the improving human demand, the disadvantages of the traditional printing technology are becoming even more obvious, for example:

    1. Poor abrasion resistance. The printing oil on the metal surface is usually become vague and color fading because of the abrasion in using.
    2. Poor adaptability to the bad environment. For example, as to the water pump, air compressor, mold and other equipment, because of the bad environment, their nameplates will usually dip in liquid, go through high temperature and chemical pollution, the normal printing ink can't resist the destruction of such poor environment.
    3. Artistic requirement. The printing on the metal surface will present to be a rather low product. It is not appropriate to the products with higher appearance requirements, such as the souvenir medal, metal business card, fine advertising nameplate of the company, instruction nameplate of the crafts.
    4. The chemical raw materials, such as the organic solvent and heavy metal element will be used in the silk printing process. These products are poisonous and they will have personal injury to the workers. In addition, in the process of drying the silk printing ink, the ventilated chemical raw materials will volatilize into the air, thus polluting the air and environment.

    fiber laser marking vs traditional printing
    The advantages of the fiber laser marking

    Compared with the surface processing technology of the traditional metal nameplate, the appearance of the fiber laser marking machine succeeds in solving a series of difficult problems. Its characteristics lie in the high marking precision, fast speed and stable performance. Printing ink and other mediums are not required to cover the metal surface. Marks will be made on the surface of the nameplate directly with the laser. In addition, it is controlled through the computer. It has easy operation and can print various kinds of complicated patters, characters, QR codes and other contents. The detailed advantages are as follows:

    1. Good quality and strong abrasion resistance. The marks made on the surface of the nameplate are clear and beautiful. It can mark various LOGO, patterns, QR codes and characters. Moreover, the patterns are craved on the nameplate directly, with outstanding abrasion resistance.
    2. High processing precision. The spot size launched by the fiber laser device is 20um, which is rather beneficial to process the complicated and precise patterns.
    3. High efficiency and easy operation. Users only require setting parameters on the computer to mark directly. The marks on the surface of the metal nameplate can be completed in several seconds or more than ten seconds.
    4. Undamaged marking: Fiber laser marking machine employs non-contact process. The laser head doesn’t need to contact with the surface of the nameplate. Therefore, there is no need to consider the damage to the marked products.
    5. Wide application, safe and environmental. Various metal materials can be used to be marked.
    6. Reduce the cost. Usually, the laser device only requires 20w to reach requirements and save electricity. In addition, it can also be used with other automatic device, thus reducing the entire cost.
    7. Stable performance and long using life. The fiber laser marking device employs the fiber laser device, which is maintenance free for a total of 100,000 hours. Therefore, it has a very long using life.

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