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    How to Calibrate Digital Panel Meter

    When a new system is used for the first time or the meter, sensor is replaced, calibration must be made before panel meter for displacement sensor 4 digit
    There are two kinds of calibration in general, one is the physical calibration (in this mode, two points needs to be calibrated, namely the zero position and the range), and another is the digital calibration.

    Physical calibration is applicable for most weighing systems, and digital calibration is used in the fields when the physical demarcation can't be used. However, digital calibration can't eliminate the errors, its accuracy is related with the sensor’s sensitivity, range and wiring system (four-wire or six-wire), the division value or maximum range setting, as well as the signal loss on the junction box and cable.

    The scale division and maximum range shall be set before calibration.
    Before calibration, the instrument shall be powered on for at least 15 minutes until the sensors and meters reach the thermal equilibrium state. The sensor cable and connecting cable between the junction box and the meter shall be completely bound before calibrating the system. Don't adjust the cable between the sensor and the meter after the calibration is completed, particularly when the cable is long.

    Before a new equipment is calibrated, the scale body shall be pressed with a full-scale object for more than 8 hours, so as to make the mechanical structure of the equipment stable. Otherwise, the meter reading may change suddenly several days after the new equipment is calibrated, resulting in the inaccurate of weighing.

    Some instruments have the zero position tracking function. When calibrating, the zero position tracking function will not be closed automatically, so please close digital panel meter by hand and open after completing the calibration.
    In calibration, press the OK key to accept the weighing value after the system is stable (the MD indicator light turns off).

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