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    Electric Winch Price List

    Electric winches are the most common type of winches and are driven by the vehicle's own electrical system. Electric winches are used in many places. They can be installed on vehicle-mounted cranes. They are the vehicle-mounted cranes that we usually install on vehicles. They can be connected to 12V or 24V voltage of cars, and can be used wherever they go. They can also be installed on off-road vehicles. On the road, when you are stuck in a mud puddle when you are off-road in the desert, you can easily pull out a multi-ton off-road vehicle with an electric winch.

    Can I Use an Electric Winch on a Boat Trailer?

    There is an electric winch on the car that can pull the car out of the mud, so you don't have to go to the rescue team for help, you can pull the car out by yourself, which is very convenient. Then you will also encounter obstacles when sailing on the water. Can the electric winch help the boat get out of the way on the water?