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    Linear DC Power Supply Price List

    Linear DC power supply is to first reduce the voltage amplitude of alternating current through a transformer, and then rectify it through a rectifier circuit to obtain pulsed direct current, and then filter to obtain a direct current voltage with a small ripple voltage. To achieve high-precision DC voltage, it must be regulated by a voltage regulator circuit.

    What is a Linear DC Power Supply?

    The working process of the main circuit of the linear DC power supply is that the input power supply is initially AC stabilized by the pre-stabilizing circuit, and then converted into a DC power supply through the isolation and rectification of the main working transformer, and then under the intelligent control of the control circuit and the single-chip microprocessor controller. The linear adjustment element is finely adjusted to output a high-precision DC voltage source. The linear DC power supply products can be widely used in scientific research, colleges and universities, laboratories, industrial and mining
    enterprises, electrolysis, electroplating, charging equipment, etc.

    Tips for Using a Linear DC Power Supply

    A common feature of linear DC power supply is that its power device regulator tube works in the linear region, and the output is stabilized by the voltage drop between the regulator tubes. Due to the large static loss of the adjustment tube, a large radiator needs to be installed to dissipate it. Because the transformer works on the power frequency (50Hz), the weight is large. The advantages of this type of power supply are high stability, small ripple, high reliability and easy to make multiple channels.