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    What is the Moisture Meter?

    A moisture meter is a device used to measure the moisture content in various materials, such as soil, wood, concrete, and other substances. It is a useful tool in agriculture, construction, and other industries where accurate moisture levels are important for quality control and performance.

    What are Types of Moisture Meters?

    Moisture meter (moisture tester) is an instrument for quickly measuring moisture content. It is mostly used for moisture control in various industries such as food, chemical industry, plastics, agriculture and forestry. According to different working principles, moisture meters can be divided into the following types.

    How to Use a Soil Moisture Meter?

    Soil moisture is an important part of soil and plays a very important role in crop growth and water-saving irrigation. The soil moisture meter grasps the distribution of soil moisture (water) through the GPS positioning system, providing a scientific basis for differentiated water-saving irrigation. At the same time, accurate water supply is also conducive to improving crop yield and quality.